Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fashion part-1:-
 "fashion" what comes in your mind from this word? let me guess..mmmmm... the clothes that  makes you a "Diva"..right?
what kind a cloth you like most?...is it western or traditional? well both i guess... 
you must be thinking what is my point of view????????????..........
   well for me fashion means salwar suit...i don't know why but i just love salwar suits.i found it much more comfortable,stylish(can be through cut and design) being traditional.so am gonna show you some pics of salwar suit that i like it personally and tried to stitch the same with a little bit of mix and match in design,cut,etc.(i will post my salwar suits pics once they become ready and come from tailor) for now just see these pics !!!
picture # 1

picture # 2

picture # 3

picture # 4

picture # 5

picture # 6

picture # 7

picture # 8

picture # 9

picture # 10

picture # 11
 which one you like? ...feel free to post...
infact some of our indian actress look stunning in salwar suit too....one of them is priyanka chopra !!
till then bye...stay beautiful !!!


  1. Indian outfits are so beautiful!

  2. I always love the ones which flair below the waist in the umbrella or anarkali cut!!! and, these days, I am getting a fetish for full sleeves.


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