Friday, 27 September 2013

This or That tag post !!!

Hey friends,

I know I am the last person who is completing this tag post and my friend come blogger Riya suppose to kill me for not posting it …..due to my laziness I admit I am always late , so please bear with me and let’s get started !


  • blush or bronzer: definitely I am a blush lover.
  • lip gloss or lipstick:  Lipstick ! lipstick ! lipstick !
  • eye liner or mascara:  Mascara
  • foundation or concealer:  definitely foundation as I don’t use concealer much….
  • neutral or color eye shadow:  neutral most of the time :)
  • pressed or loose eye shadows: Pressed as I am not good in loose one :P
  • brushes or sponges: brushes 


  • OPI or china glaze: none , coz m not a lover of nailpaints still if you say that I have to choose then it would be OPI.
  •  Long or short: short, as I have to handle my baby so I guess no other option until he grow.
  • Acrylic or natural:  Natural.
  • Brights or darks:  always bright one …..
  • Flower or no flower: I don't mind either. 


  • perfume or body splash:  Perfume
  • lotion or body butter:  Body butter
  • body wash or soap:  Body wash! 
  • lush or other bath company: I never use lush so I can’t say about it so other bath company like I love bath and body works.


  • jeans or sweat pants:  Jeans.
  • long sleeve or short:  Short.
  • dresses or skirts:  none… I dnt think I have enough good figure to wear both : P
  • stripes or plaid:  Plaid
  • flip flops or sandals:  Flip Flops.
  • scarves or hats:  Neither
  • studs or dangly earrings:  Dangly earrings!
  • necklaces or bracelets:  Bracelets.
  • heels or flats:  Flats for dailywear ,heels for occasion.
  • cowboy boots or riding boots:  Neither. I don't wear boots
  • forever 21 or charlotte russe:  hmmmmmmmm seriously no idea *shocking*
  • saks 5th or nordstrom: another wrong tag to wrong person : P


  • curly or straight:  Straight! I don’t have it though but I am planning ;)
  • bun or ponytail:  Neither.
  • bobby pins or butterfly clips: Butterfly clips.
  • hair spray or gel:  neither.
  • long or short: Long.
  • light or dark:  Dark
  • side sweep bangs or full bangs:  neither, I know I am kind a boring person .
  • up or down: Down


  • Rain or shine:  Shine!
  • Summer or winter:  winter !
  • Fall or spring:  Fall.
  • Chocolate or vanilla:  Chocolate
  • East coast or west coast: I don't really know :(

 And finally I am able to complete this tag post so cheers !
and i know most of them already done this post still those who haven't I am tagging all those bloggers :) and others  i mean non-bloggers if you want to share your choice please feel free to share your choice in the comment section below ! will love to hear from you all ! 
see you in my next post ! :)


  1. Loved your answers Samannita di :)

  2. :)
    besh besh...its nice knowing u..

  3. hehe atlast u did it..i will spare u *devil laugh* loved ur answers sam.. knw u lill better now <3 :*

  4. bah..besh besh..nice knowing you aro bhalo kore.. :)
    but tumi last noi..amio post korbo on my blog..someday :D

  5. nice tag!!!i agree with you to the most!

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