Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fashion part-3 !

Jewellery !!!

 How many of you love earrings? i guess almost everyone...Even my personal preference is earrings..i love to collect them...

There are so much so say on earrings but i prefer to keep myself silent and let you show some pictures of some earrings that will give you some idea..!!! i am not gonna talk about the usual one...i am gonna show you the odd but nice one....
How about this unique Youch Piranha earrings ?

For something simple,fashionable and daily wear here are some earrings...just have a look !!!

My personal preference is this pair of earrings...Hello kitty ! nice one naa?

If you want something funky and different then here are some feather earrings..can give a try !!.

For traditional wear you can go for this type of earrings...

Here are some elegant and stunning earrings that goes well with any dress or traditional wear...wear any one pair and you are just done with your accessories..

How about some tops like this?
Will definitely looks good on anyone...if you want something simple then how about this one?
Or something elegant !!!

A odd one but beautiful !! how about this Scorpio tops???

Well,that's all for today. Hope I am able to give you some idea regarding earrings? do share your feelings !! Thanks for reading my post ! 


  1. I also love earnings....Love the two u have listed under elegant....they r super pretty... :)


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