Friday 8 March 2013

My March haul !

Hello dearies,
March is here and so is my haul....he he he don't think i break my ban...this are all shop the day before I started ban...pretty clever ..right ?

Okay ..lets get started....

I brought the following:-
 L'Oreal absolute repair shampoo and mask.

L'Oreal hair spa and hair fall ampule.

L'Oreal Liss ultimate overnight treatment.

The must have product:- Garnier BB cream. 

Arish acne gel [a local brand] and Lakme nail polish remover [i don't know why i brought this when i have loads of remover at home... :P]

Bath and body works exotic coconut mist [gifted].

An I.P.glycerine and Dabur rose water [they are great moisturizer together for feet].

Well,that's all for March...I hope you all like it :)
Do you want me to review any product first?


  1. wow nice stuff! review that loreal liss ultimate soon!!!

  2. Lovely! Do review the Loreal overnight treatment first Toa.....There is an giveaway goin on my blog...Do participate :)

    1. Yes sure i will review it ...give me the link of your giveaway na ... :)

    2. Here's the link to the giveaway

  3. love d haul.. :)
    im a huge hair care freak too

  4. lovely haul.. i want the review on loreal hair spa and hair ampule... :)

  5. I never tried these L'Orèal hair products...

  6. cool stuffs!! do share your experience about Arish acne gel.. m in search of good one :)


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