Monday 8 August 2016

Mac X Chris Chang Poesia Collection

Mac launches so many collection one after another that it was really hard for me to track and post about each collection accordingly, still I have lined up everything on the basis of my preference of posting :) 

 "The price hike of the product due to being in limited edition packaging and the constant launch of limited edition one after another creating much disappointment in many Mac lovers. And it is more disappointment when few best collection doesn't launch in India.”

Anyways keeping all the hard feelings side apart let’s get into today’s post : )

Mac Chris Chang Poesia collection is the collection that never launched in India but it created much hype to the rest of world due to its packaging (mostly) and for the collaboration of famous Chris Chang with Mac cosmetics.

The collection was launched on 5th May 2016 online and 12th May in stores. As it was never launched in India so I had to grab it from the USA with the help of a friend of mine.

The famous Chris Chang from Poesia collection said about his inspiration comes from the traditional aesthetics of ethnic tribes and costumes from various countries, as well as the transformative world of art.

He said “My designs are for women who are eccentric and confident. The color is the integral fuel of my imagination and the spirit MAC and I share. This collaboration is a dream come true for the maximalists of the world.

The collection consists of lipsticks, cream color base, fluid line, eye shadows, prep plus prime transparent finishing powder.

My story:-

It was only me among my friends who was at first not so interested into the collection but blame those makeup love gene in my DNA that urge for it for packaging. So I grab one lipstick (I had to grab one lipstick as you know, I am a lipstick holder) and one prep plus prime transparent pressed powder (after getting the lipstick first, I was dying to grab something big from this collection just for the sake of beauty of the packaging in my makeup stash).



Lipstick: - $20 each.
Prep plus prime transparent Pressed powder:- $29.50



Both the lipstick and the Prep plus prime powder have colorful packaging. This is one of the exclusive collection of Mac I guess, as the creativity of the packaging is not limit within the outer carton of the products and on the products case but there are designs inside the carton of the product too. The glossy finish of the packaging along with the sturdy case makes the collection worth trying (if you are a packaging lover).


A small confession :-
The Poesia collection is a very colorful collection no doubt, but I found there are only a few things that are wearable actually… 

My experience:-


Starting with the lipstick first. The lipstick I grab is named “VERMILLION VEE”, it is a clean true red matte lipstick that is my go-to red now. 

 Among all the four lipstick I found only this one attractive for me. The lipstick is a matte finish. It glides super smoothly on lips without tugging and pulling off my lips. I found that although it is matte but it has a creamy consistency like satin finish one for first few minutes and then it slowly turn matte. The red lipstick looks like “tomato red” (my version of describing of this red lipstick) on my skin tone. It really brightens up my complexion (yeah, I do have few red that tone down my complexion, but that is another story, I will talk about it on some other day… ;)). It stays pretty 6 hours on my lips without any fading. Despite such awesome packaging, I found that Mac for first time focuses on the quality of the product too. The red lipstick is a versatile red shade that will suit everyone, everyone means everyone from fair to dusky from cool to warm undertones beauties too. I never thought a red lipstick can be so versatile after the cult red lipstick from Mac “Ruby Woo”.

Next is the Prep plus prime powder. Coming to the packaging first, the powder is a pressed powder that comes in a beautiful mirror case packaging but without any sponge, which is little odd…as Mac studio fix powder plus foundation comes with a free sponge so I wish it has come with a sponge. The case is really sturdy and it closes the lid with a click sound.

 The powder is white/no color powder on my skin. It matches my skin tone beautifully.  I brought this powder just in curiosity as I never use any prep plus prime from Mac before. So I was little nervous and at the same time was worried because I was in a dilemma that whether spending so many bucks behind this pressed powder will worth or not?

The very first time I swatched Mac prep plus prime I found it bit chalky on my fingers and it was also looking little rough on the pan . But after using it on my face, I found the powder is pretty blendable with makeup sponge on my face and it doesn't leave any white cast (as it is a white powder) on my face. It although look white on the pan but it is actually a no color powder on my NC 35 skin.

How I use the Prep plus prime pressed powder ?

I used the powder as a translucent powder just over the top of my BB cream with a makeup sponge for medium coverage and for light coverage I use a powder brush all over the face. Sometimes, I use it under my eyes after using concealers to set my concealers. The powder stays pretty well over my BB cream and it doesn’t let my concealers crease for 5-6 hours and I look fresh during this hot and humid weather. 

Over in all, I just love the lipstick and the translucent pressed powder. 

Mac Poesia Collection although doesn’t have many wearable shades in it (I know I am repeating the sentence again and again) but I am happy that I pick the best of two from the collection for mine. All I wished it launched in India.

Hope you like today’s post and I will see you soon in my next post

Love Sammy :*

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