Thursday 5 January 2017


 Did you ever see a product that is equally hydrating on your skin and at the same time healing all your acne and pimple mark?

We oily skin people has a big issue of finding a perfect moisturiser for our oily skin which doesn't break out making our skin secreting more oil. I was looking for a moisturiser from quite long time which not only hydrates my skin but it equally removes/heals my acne/pimple marks.

My search for PERFECT MOISTURISER FOR OILY SKIN ends here when I found VICHY NORMADERM ANTI BLEMISH CARE 24 HR. In my 3 years of blogging, I hardly raved about any skin care products madly and recommending it to each and everyone who ask me what should they use as moisturiser in their oily skin.

PRICE: - Rs.1450/- for 50ml (good things sometimes comes with a price tag).

The moisturiser comes in a light sea green pump bottle. One had to squeeze it to take the product out.  

My experience:-

When I was searching badly for a good moisturiser which has the capacity to hydrate my oily skin without breaking outs and at the same time healing my all acne or pimples mark slowly, my best friend (no brownie point in guessing who is suggest me to try out this moisturiser. "I was not expecting much from this moisturiser at first but after using it for one week, I slowly started recognising the change in my skin ..."

The texture of the cream is watery kind off that easily absorb into my skin within few minutes of application. One small pump is quite enough for the entire face. Care should be taken while taking out the cream from the bottle as too much of cream might add a bit oiliness in your face. So, less is more here. 

The cream is white in colour, has mild floral fragrance but hardly stays few minutes after applying the moisturiser so it is quite good for people who get irritate with a strong smell of skincare products (like me). The cream easily absorbed in my skin giving a very matte look to my skin. There is no greasiness, no oiliness for hours after application of this moisturiser. It works best during the night as I feel it keep my skin moisturises throughout the night giving a very soft and fresh look on next morning. It can work as a great moisturiser underneath your makeup base too during summers and winters. And with regular use of moisturiser along with VICHY NORMADERM HYALU SPOT cream (which I will review soon), I finally started to get the result of flawless skin from 10 days after application of both products only once during night time.I am a lazy person who hardly follows skincare routine so for me one-time dedication towards my face was a big challenge enough, whereas anyone can use this moisturiser twice in a day to get fast and best result.

Overall, I am definitely going to recommend this combo skin care from Vichy to each and every oily skin beauties who are struggling with acne and pimple and their marks. 

Here is the picture of a comparison of my 10 days difference that the combo of VICHY NORMADERM(moisturiser + HYALU spot) did to my skin. And right now after using it for 2 months continuously I hardly have few marks of pimples and acne left on my face.

So, that's all for today. I will see you soon with another product of this combo of VICHY NORMADERM. Until next time "STAY FLAWLESS"

Love Sammy :*

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