Friday 21 August 2020



SEER SECRETS products come in the most hygiene way in a big sturdy cardboard container with tin lids. It keeps the product in most hygiene way safe and secure. I like the packaging of all the products from this brand. Every scrub, face masks products come with a wooden spoon so that the optimum hygiene, sanitation, and quality of the products can be maintained throughout the usage of the products.


Okay, so this is one of the most amazing and a very new product to me. It is a clay gel mask. I never saw any masks so slippery and little difficult to apply on the face directly. The mask has red clay in it and so the color of the mask is red . It has a pungent smell in it and while applying it on your skin you might feel slight tingling effect on your face. The mask just deeply cleansed my face giving smooth and nourished skin. I love the mask but the application of this mask is a little difficult as you can see in the video. The mask is a gel-like texture and so it doesn't dry up totally. So anytime if u touch it you can feel the mask is semi-dried on skin.

HOW TO APPLY:- I apply the face gel all over on my dry and clean face and let it dry for 10-15minutes.  And then rinse it well with water. The mask needs to wash with plenty of water as it is a gel slippery kind of mask so it takes time to wash.

 Overall I like all the products from SEER SECRETS. These are the best products from this brand that I have used so far so I feel to share my experience with you all.

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