Saturday 14 July 2012

A day with smooth legs-all natural hair removal and exfoliator (Review):

hello everyone,

today my review is regarding a product that has created a mixed feelings means created "horns of dilemma" inside me that "is the product good or just OK?"

well, i leave that upon you all.........

After reading a nice and fabulous review of this product i immediately ordered it from eBay...(here is the link: )

now this is the pic of the smooth legs...product


it is delivered from Dr.Sayani's health & Pvt.Ltd

As you can see on the first picture of this post that the price of it is Rs.225/- but i got in discount at Rs.150/- from eBay but have charged Rs.50/- for shipping...which i felt not good(actually who doesn't prefer free shipping???!!!)

it consists of the following:

1 travel case
1 large backing pad
1 small backing pad
4 large flex crystal replacement pads
4 small flex crystal replacement pads

it is not a travel case but a folder of medium quality

the travel case or folder look like this after opening...doesn't impress me much as i don't think it will keep all the pads intact !!!

the front side of the crystal pad

the back side of the crystal pad with the sticker which you have to remove to stick it to the large backing pad.

 Above are the front and back view of the small backing pad.

The two backing pad look like this....

the small one

the large one

 How to use:

just take out the sticker of the back of the crystal pad  and stick it to backing pad (applicable for both small and large) and you are it is..


now rub it ? and how many times????.....well,here is the confusion there is no instruction guide with it so it will be little difficult for someone new to understand how to use it? and what is the pattern of rubbing?..

so here is my story...firstly i was confused that whether it is applicable in dry or wet skin? then i thought that let's start rubbing the crystal pad in dry skin clockwise and anti-clockwise 3 times..find no use..all the hairs are intact and remain same ..then i rub it in the same way i.e.clockwise & anti-clockwise 5-6 times..found its works a little !!!! (hahahahahahaha atleast it start working) to get better result i start rubbing to and fro for 2-3 that works.but have to put much my hair are coarse in nature so i think i have to put much pressure while rubbing...


it is definitely good for fine hairs but for coarse hairs like me...a big no,no !

as it works on dry skin thus it leaves the skin much drier than a moisturizer is must after exfoliation with those pads,otherwise a slight itching due to dryness will occur(happens to me).

My recommendation? No..i will suggest just stick to your usual ways of hair removing .but wanna experience for once? then go ahead..may be you have some good experience with this product...!! 



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