Tuesday 5 February 2013

Review and Swatches of 6 NYX lip cream

Hola Friends !
I am here with much awaited post of mine...it is swatches of 6 NYX lip creams.I just brought all the lip creams few days back from Cherry culture.com.

Here is the picture of the lip cream that i brought :)

The lip creams are the following :



  • MILAN.




Price:- $6.00 [can be get in discount ]

Among these 6 lip creams ,the following are NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM [images are taken from Internet ]
  5. MILAN. 

What is the difference between SOFT MATTE & XTREME lip creams?

Well,everybody told me that both of them are more or less same, I agree.But i found the NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM ate little bit drying one showing all the creases and lines of chapped lips where as NYX XTREME LIP CREAM is little creamy in texture gives a lovely pout .
Image source internet
 Here are the swatches of all lip creams in different lights:

Okay now coming to each one lip creams with a comparison of images from internet and my own take snaps....

PINKY NUDE is a glossy finish as you can see the lip swatch.The picture is taken just after I apply the lip cream,but after few minutes it turns into matte one and settle well in lips.It is highly pigmented .I swipe 1-2 times to get this desired shade.

STOCKHOLM as you can see the shade doesn't come out too much on my lips,may be i am too fair and this shade looks naturally nude on my lips.It is medium pigmented .I have to swipe atleast 3-4 times to get the color.The cream while applying is a matte finish so after applying it turns into true matte and little bit drying on lips after few minutes..an application of balm underneath can justify this matte shade to avoid too much dry lips.

MILAN is a decent pink ,it is blue undertone matte lip cream.This particular lip cream smell like strawberry .yummmy ...i feel like eating it :) anyways back to review ....


ANTERWP is a medium pigmented red undertone pink shade.I swipe 3-4 times to get this shade on my lips.It is perfect for daily wear for office and college goers :)

AADIAS ABABA is a soft creamy  lip cream.This shade is little similar to fuschia as you can see the container of the lip cream but it comes out lovely naughty pink on my lips ;) i found this particular lip cream has less pigmented as i need to swipe for more than 4 times to get the shade.This lip cream is not drying at all like other lip creams and i think it will work great while apply lip primer underneath of it.

SAN PAULO is one of the mostly used lip cream that i found in many blog's reviews so i just jumped to grab it first :)  It is a matte lip cream with highly pigmented one.It is a lovely medium tone pink that look very decent on lips.Can go perfect with smokey eyes mostly .Among all i just love this shade most ,so most of the time i wear this shade.

Okay now quickly let's have a look on the PROS & CONS of these lip creams.


  • Travel friendly.
  • Decent packaging.
  • The packaging shows the shade of the lip creams from outside so easy to find out from the lip stash.
  • All smells like ice cream, mostly the Milan one.
  • Price reasonable if you buy from international website.
  • Amount is really good in compare to quantity.
  • Stays 4 hours mostly and can survive short meals also.


  • Little bit drying one ,but people who love matte these are just perfect for them.
  • Availability is an issue .

My ratings?

 Ohh i just love my babies :) 4.5 out of 5 because of all the cons.

My recommendation?

If you are a matte lover then you must have it . In fact the NYX lip creams are so decently priced that you can have atleast one shade in your stash :)

Hope my prolonged review comes out helpful to you .
Thank you for being so patience and reading my post ....
 Love you all !

Do you have NYX lip creams? which one you like most?


  1. I just looove san paolo n antwerp !! wish they didn't dry up my lips :/

    1. both of them are not so drying dear ,so i think you can try it :)

  2. Oh my gosh..i want this soo badly! How much were the shipping charges? N were u charged any duty?

    1. heheheeeeeeeeeee i too wanted it badly so brought all at one time :) Shipping charges are 11 dollar near about i think ... and no i don't have to pay for anything else dear :)

  3. OMG.. i loved all Samannita.:)
    sao paulo looks fab on u .:)

  4. Sao Paulo is my pic too and I wonder how different the nyx website shades are than ur lip swatches..a nice detailed post :)

    1. yes see ! that's why i post both the pictures together :)
      Thanks dear for your lovely comment !

  5. OMG nice shades you bought Sam..enjoyyyyyyyy

  6. Stockholm..!!!!
    I want...
    I want..!!!!

    1. heheeeeeeee appu stay tune coz i m thinking of putting it on my mini blog sale soon....:)
      if you want you can get it :)

  7. I loved akk the shades, but if I could get them in lipsticks it would have been better.

    1. hmmmmmm but nyx lip creams are lip creams no dupe can be i think :) but u can get the shade in lipsticks of many brands i think :)

  8. These colors are gorgeous! I'm really loving San Paulo ♥

  9. wow u own all of them! i need to get some i guess! nice post!


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