Sunday 3 February 2013

My Mega Gift Hamper fropm

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO ! atlast i got my most awaited giveaway gift from
I won the third prize of 5000 INR gift hamper and just on Saturday i got the box.Its a huge one.

 Style Craze 10K Run Giveaway!!! :)
I got total 21 products.and here is the pictures of the list of products i got followed by the pictures of it :)

Ah ! the box....getting little Nostalgia .....remembering those days of shopping ....[why you close the online was a lovely site ! ]

Nicely bubble-wrapped products ! are the rest of pictures :)

 Thats it :)

Well,there are few things that i don't need actually as i already have it  :P so thinking of blog sale with free shipping ! :D [jokes apart !] 
Really i am already getting mad, thinking of opening of a shop i guess what going on other two winners who win second and first prize?????????? :D


  1. OMG..!!!!!! i think u shud do a blog sale or open a :D this a gigantic giveaway box..:D congos fr winning.. :))

  2. OMG..that's a whole lot of stuff..Oh! Many Congos!

  3. 21000 congos di :D
    wowwww OMG!!!! Soooo... many
    <3 <3 <3

  4. omg!! so many goodies! congratulations dear!
    & ya that face wax strips doesn't works!!!

    1. Yessss i m going to b mad but very true the strips won't work ,i already tried it :(

  5. Toa!!!!! Thats such a huge package! You are again making me jealous lol
    Congrats swty! Now waiting fr a blog sale :P

  6. Lucky you....congrats....if you r planning blog sale then china glaze is mine...haha...:)

  7. Congratulations on winning these lovely goodies :D

  8. Congratulation again and my breath got stopped when i see your stuffs.... hahaha enjoy and review all this stuffs lol... :)

  9. are soo lucky!!!
    do start a blog sale..wud love to buy stuff

  10. My God....... you are soooo lucky girl. CONGOS TOYAAA........
    I never won any giveaway... :(

    But I am so happy for you. :)

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