Thursday 26 July 2012

Sale haul !

Haul ! Haul ! Haul !

 Hello everyone,

 This time my post gonna be a little i have so much to's all about end of July we all know that now all the malls are having there sale so without wasting any time i just hopped into it and brought a lot of stuffs !!!! they are..
Leggings ! as a fond of Kurtis i brought leggings at 25% discount each from the store 'W'..

The color are parrot green,bottle green,purple,2 black leggings as black goes well with any color ! and a blue and light green (now a days i am preferring green the color...ideal for monsoon when everything looks green !!!...quite poetic naa ????)  :D

Now comes the they are !

Among these 4 Kurtis i love this reason..simply like it !!!

This is not a's a first i don't prefer much..still brought it because i like it....

A black casual cotton printex(it is named as printex..don't know why...may be due to the horizontal self design in it..) kurti...just for causal wear.

Followed by salwar suits...the most decent and easy to wear and carry dress in Bengali community...most of my salwars are casual  not the designer one or classy as i prefer being simple ! thus brought from our near by local shop.

And not the last... a sari (as a Bengali,can't stop myself to brought it !)

And then i thought to spend some of my money for home furnishing or decor..thus brought a bed sheet in sunshine yellow and white color !!! :) :)

So these are my end of July Haul...what you brought this month????...
feel free to post...
Thank you for spending some of your precious time in reading my post !!!


  1. nice haul...samannita....i don't wear much sarees and suits. apart from army parties....i prefer wearing shorts and tee's...

  2. @smita you are much slimmer than both shorts and tee's looks good on you dear ! :(
    so are fro army family right? great !

  3. Nice, I am loving your kurtis.. Hey I am following you, do check out mine and follow if you like :)

  4. thanks.and i will check your blog too ! :)


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