Wednesday 18 July 2012

Some short and simple tricks of hair care in Monsoon :


After the scorching heat of summer here comes "Monsoon". It is a refreshing incentive..but in this refreshing welcome we should take care of our hair otherwise it will be dry,dull and here are some tips and tricks i tried it...

If your hair get wet in rain then after coming home shampoo is a must to wash your will be better if you go for a baby shampoo to rinse those hair.

Vitamin E are good for hair.Add Vitamin E capsule in oil before oil massaging in hair.

In monsoon oil massage is a must..if you can't get vitamin E capsule then simply apply mild hot coconut oil just two hours before shampoo..need not to keep the oil for whole night. 

In monsoon avoid hair brush...i mean firstly detangle your hair with finger then use detangle hair brush or comb.

Besides these tips try some tricks i.e.home pack too.. 

Honey and Olive oil Mask:
Mix 2 tablespoon olive oil.

1 tablespoon of honey.

and then slightly heat the mixture and apply the pack to the entire length of the hair (not on scalp) and leave it for 15-20mins and then shampoo your hair..beside conditioning your hair it also help to repair the damage of the hair.

Banana mash hair pack:

Those having frizzy hair try banana mash.Mashed one ripe banana,mix 1 tea spoon olive oil with it and apply to the entire length of the hair except scalp.after 15mins wash it..

Well,this are my tips and tricks for hair care in monsoon..if you have any tips and tricks then share with me..i would love to hear from your side..
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  1. lovely tips... :) we can even use multani mitti to wash hair.. simply put a paste all over .. leave for 10 min or so.. nd wash off with cold water :)


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