Thursday 13 September 2012

My first attempt to NOTD -NBBN Theme post -Red Color

Hello friends,
As a member of NBBN ,it was decided that this month theme will be RED color !  
So,i thought what should it be? b'coz i already published a post about my passion for RED color [see the post here] ! 

 And I know i don't have huge collection of nail polish as i lost interest in nail polishes after having a kid as i have to keep my nail short so that it won't hurt him any how but still i thought to do something different this time ! So here i am with my First attempt to nail art ! So firstly i selected these three nail polish:-
NYX girls nail polish in shade Sexy Plum Oriflame nail polish in shade True Red. Avon simply pretty Glitter Galaxy. Now without any introduction i just let you see some funny pictures of what i created....
  Admiring that it is my total failure in nail art i decided to go for some safe play... I have three nail polish in  shade "RED'...
Revlon in Raven Red.
 Oriflame in True Red
 Lakme in Shade D415 
  Here i just took Oriflame nail polish in shade True Red,applied it on my nails ! Then paste some stickers [ not nail art stickers] on my nails and finally apply a top coat on it.
I think this is somewhat little better than the first one....:) 
Hahahahaha.....i know it is really bad that i post such pictures ...but everybody shows how perfect they are in nail art and i shows my incapability in nail art...!  

Must be something truly different than other....  

It happens you see !!

  How you like my post? Leave your comment below so that it give me some courage to try some more Nail Art ! Hope next time i will be up with some serious nail art. Wish me luck !!! Ciao .  


  1. Second one is nice...u should try polka dot made with the tip of toothpick ...or paint all your nails in red except ring finger ...paint the ring finger in golden shade it will look very chick for your length of nails....even I have very short nails when my daughter is very small....:)

    1. hey Puja ! thanks for your lovely suggestion..will try it very soon ! :)

  2. hey shud keep trying. without thinking of failures,,,,,I like ur attempt....

  3. Wow! So u used normal stickers?


    1. Yes i tried the normal stickers :)
      Easy for someone totally new !

  4. i like how honestly u painted ur attempts at mani.. dont worry dear everyone learns by mistakes only... lovely write up :)

  5. I can't see any failure!
    I like it!

  6. Nice Post Toa :)
    I love Red Nail polishes too :)


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