Sunday 21 October 2012

My Late Kate Vellvette Box !

Hello Everyone,
Today i am going to share my September Vellvette Box....yes you heard right.going to share my September Vellvette box in the end of October !!!
Here is the Box.

Now the Products i Got ...

Jesus Del Pozo Ambar.

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel.

Clinique High Impact Mascara-Black
L'occitane Pivoine Flora Shower Gel.
And Lastly Products details and instructions along with "Gift Vouchers" of full sized products of the sampled Products I got.

Now the Good Things of this Box:-
Love the get up of the Box.
Price is Cheap compare to the product samples we get.

And now being little harsh... 
the Bad thing of the box.
I got my september box in the end of October.....i almost forgotten that i ever ordered it :(
Next is the Price...Although it is a box of Rs.399/- that i ordered but i have to pay Rs.419/- and have to collect it from Post office...don't know why? so i don't like there service at all.
I like the products but i think if they have option to choose product of our choice then that will be better ! aren't they?

My final conclusion:-
I like i ordered it just for fun but i won't order anymore...and they even changed there policy for Vellvette box too a big No !

Have you ordered your next Vellvette box yet?


  1. this is what stopped me from ordering the velvette box last month when all the hoo halaa was going on about it..i like to choose products for myself rather then a random person or a comp application choosing random things for me..

    1. yes Jasmine me too think same :)
      and i guess this is my first and last vellvette box ever :(

  2. Nice review. I was even thinking to order it soon after reading few reviews from others. The worst part of it is to get products from post office. I'd rather go 2 my nearby shop and choose prducts. Nope choose samples most brands offering, try them and then buy. :D

  3. Oh!Late delivery n on top of that collecting it frm the post office is such a put off! I'am still awaiting my october box....lets see if they deliver it on my door-step...Nw am double minded if i should go for next month subscription.Will decide that after getting my box ;)

    1. Oh Ruby ! before you order for next month...kindly check their policy coz their rate will increase after the first vellvette box you receive !

  4. Nice products you have got. :)
    i have not even received mine and i am not in a mood to go for the next month when i have not even got it yet.

    1. Yes too not in mood to get this too but i want to chk it what inside for me .but definetly not buying for next month !!!

  5. sam u had bad exp, but otherwise,,,they are worth trying :)

  6. Collect it from the post office and pay extra? Wow. That's so not cool! :(

  7. They don't deliver directly at our doorsteps?! So not going for it!
    Bdw I'm a new blogger and following you from today! :)
    If you like do check my blog out too :)

    1. hey Bhaswati thanks dear for following me and commenting on my blog.sure i will visit your space.......:)


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