Wednesday 17 October 2012

My October haul !

Hello Beauties,
Here i am with My October is just a mini haul than i do usually ! So Have Patience And enjoy the pictures as this gonna be a pictures heavy post !!!
Now here the pictures :)
Firstly i haul from Health kart after a long days !
I brought A Konad Stamping Nail art,two special Nail paints of Konad.
They gave me a free sample of this hair removing cream.
This is how the Konad stamping nail art looks like :)
Now next is haul from medplus and here is the box :) 
I brought two Colorbar lippie from Medplus is in shade "passionate" one.
And this is in shade "citrine".

Next are some shopping from our local markets :)
I used to buy this clips all time as my son throw it from window :(

Some small stone bindi :)
Ah ! these are my favourites....its nail art stuffs. ..i just got it in Rs.35/- na...!
And the last is my haul from Oriflame from this month catalog :)
I brought Oriflame wonder liner.
Two double trouble eye in shade of blue and other is in shade of purple.
A Oriflame Face Primer !

So here comes to an end of my post...I know its a small haul....but right now i am trying to save money....:)
I hope you all like my post :)


  1. wow great to see some cool nail arts soon...:)

  2. Very nice these lipsticks soon dear

  3. thats quite alot of stuff..nice haul!!

  4. 35 bucks???
    thats real steal..
    they are available here for 80 INR :(

    1. oh really appu? that too bad :(
      Even me was surprised too hearing the cost :)

  5. Toa!!! U call this a small haul??? lol
    It's quite a lot and Fab!!! :)


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