Sunday 18 November 2012

TRESemme Hairfall Defense Shampoo Review !

Hello friends 
After a pretty long break..m back...blame all these lovely festivals that keeps me busy.......anyway  here i am with my first review from Tresemme !....TRESemme Hairfall Defense Shampoo  !!!

I brought this two months back.and i almost at the end of this Product so i thought this is the time to review it .
Here is the bottle !!!

It comes in a black plastic bottle with a flip cap opening !!!

Now let see what the company claims along with the ingredients of the shampoo

Price:- Rs.64/- for 100ml
Available only in

Now the Pros:-
Cheap in price.
Require in small amount.
Nice smell...similar to L'Oreal total repair 5 shampoo.
Controls hair fall to some extent.

Available only in one online site that i mentioned above,otherwise no other con.

Now my take on :-
The day i brought the shampoo i had really lots of expectation...and telling you frankly that it really stand up my expectation.the shampoo requires a small amount and works up good lather.After applying few weeks i found my hair fall decrease to some extent but no totally i agree :(  Still i am happy with the result as it gives shine and smooth finish too to my hair ! The shampoo is bit drying if applied alone but works really good with the conditioner as claimed by the company !!  So I am ok with the result !

My ratings:-4/5 as it is available only in Medplusbeauty ,otherwise no other con.
Will i buy it again? I already ordered for the second shampoo :)
Have you tried any product from 

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  1. nice review dear.. this shampoo has started to show up in malls in mumbai already... :)

  2. i too was thinking to get this one..

  3. I got this a couple of days back..n hv yet to use it...Now patiently waiting for my old shampoo to get over :P

    1. hey Ruby how are you ?...well then apply your old shampoo for your pedicure so that it come to an end easily and quickly ;)

  4. hey toa...this is one of the best brand in UK...even their hair sprays r really good...
    I have used this one..awesome product and very nice review..:):)

  5. Nice Review Toa...and what a coincident...I have recently bought this one...and about to review :p

    1. Thanks Radha :) do review soon, will wait for yours too :)

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  7. MY hair started falling vigorously when used tressme shamoo,please suggest!

  8. Freat review.. will definitely try it out.. I have been suing Oriflame Beauty secrets shampoo and conditioner for a while now and they are pretty awesome.. my chemically treated hair has become way better :)

  9. hey tell me is it work on hairfall or not ?.....i badly need to stop my hair fall plz reply.......

    1. Hi, It control those hair fall that happens due to breakage you first have to find out what is the reason behind your hair fall...This shampoo will not help you shampoo controlling hair fall is little bit illogical.


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