Thursday 6 December 2012

Review of Avon Naturals Coconut Moisturising Body Smoothie !

 Today i am up with Review of Avon Naturals Coconut Moisturizing Body Smoothie due to high demand of reviewing it.

Although i just post MY MINI HAUL few days ago ,but i got all the products two weeks before.So i think its enough time to get to know this product and review it :)

Here is the picture of the smoothies that i brought :)
Price:- Rs.189/- for 150ml each
I got it in offer [BUY 2 GET 1 FREE].

The picture of the body smoothie in the catalog appear so tempted that i couldn't resist myself to buy it :)

Now let see the company claimation pictures...!

The bottle comes with a flip cap.

Now my take :-

As i told earlier that i just got tempted by the pictures of the body smoothie in the catalog,so i brought both smoothies.The products claim to be use for both hair and body .

For Body:-

The very first time i use it for my body i must tell you that it feels awesome....why??? well,here are the reasons...
The body smoothie is slight creamy in texture.
I just pour one rupee coin size smoothie on to loofah and it works up very good lather.The smell of the smoothie is just like the coconut,which is very soothing one.Although the smells wash out after few minutes of wash but the bath place lingers with its smell.The smoothie makes my body really smooth after bath so i can avoid applying moisturizer for few hours in this winter also :)
My body feels really soft and smooth ! and i must tell you that this smoothie is just perfect for this i found shower gels makes my skin really dry...So i just love it .

For Hair:-

When i apply the smoothie it makes my hair too smooth and shiny. It makes my hair so soft that i can avoid the conditioner which i know is not a good point.But in time of hurry it is a best product that you will love to use it.The smells doesn't wash out immediately from my hair like it did as body wash, just after lasts for few hours.

  • Lovely packaging.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Require less amount.
  • Smell although doesn't stay long on body but in hair the smell lingers for hours.
  • Makes hair soft and smooth.
  • Make body moisturize so that you can avoid lotion .
  • Available only through Avon representative.
  • Little costly if not in offer.

My recommendation:- A big yes  to all who are looking for some moisturizing body and hair  wash cream .

Have you tried any of these smoothies from Avon?
Which one?


  1. its looking good... but i will stay away from using it on my hair as it has sls!! nice review dear:)

    1. Hahahaaaaa :) i know but in this fast moving days..its really helpful for those who in hurry !

  2. Seems to be good. Yes, coconut is a natural and perfect moisturizer for the skin. Thanks for the review and gonna try it now.

    1. Thanks :) yes you can try it ,it is really good moisturizer for skin as well as for hair :)

  3. very cute bottles.. :) ll try it

  4. very nice review toa..seems to be nice product :)

  5. The bottles looks cute and nice review dear.... :)

  6. I am one big coconut buff.. I love everything with coconut.. gotta try this one soon :)

    1. Hahahaha me too a big coconut buff :) love this smoothie !

  7. Looks nice :)
    Will try this out soon :)


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