Sunday 17 March 2013

QUICK REVIEW # 1 Khadi chandan herbal glycerine soap

Well today a very interesting thing happens with me...while deleting old pictures i found their are few pictures that I clicked for reviews but never reviewed,so just thought that to do some quick reviews on those clicked pictures... :)
[Please ignore the image quality... :( ]
So,today I am reviewing Khadi Chandan soap.

I brought this from HERE
Price:- 50 INR for 125 gms.[I brought in 45INR]

Company claimation:-

An ayurvedic body wash cleanses the skin and body dirt.It removes dead cells from the skin and giving smoothness and soft feeling.

How to use
Apply soap on wet body and face, rub to produce lather, then wash off.

Now my take:-

The bar as you can see is orangish in color.It smell almost chandan [sandalwood].
I always love to try different soaps so brought this.It is affordable and as it melts less so lasts for many days.


Nice and simple packaging.
Easy available.
Herbal Ingredients present.
Smell like sandalwood.
Not pricey.


As the bar is solid one so it hurts a little while applying on body but after 2-3 days it became little soft,so doesnt hurt after that.
The smell,i wish lasts little longer..

My ratings:- 4/5 due to all cons.
I hope you all like my quick review...



  1. Great review,., my grandma got a few for me and I m yet to try it

  2. Nice Review Sam I love Vaadi Herbals Soap :)

    1. Thank you dear ! I haven't tried Vaadi soaps yet but will try once for sure .... :)

  3. I know and also have used it once, nice product surely.

    you can also see many more products from, a complete bunch of all Khadi Products. please visit once.

  4. I hv used this Khadi sandal soap & both me & my mum loved it. I hv combination/dry skin, prone to acne & sensitive as well. Not all soaps suit me, not even d original glycerine soap Pears. But this one was bang on!
    After using it, my face didnt feel dry at all, in fact it was moisturised, soft & smooth.
    I felt a little glow on my face which even my mum noticed.
    I love d sandal fragrance it has.
    It doesnt lather much but also very little is used at a time with minimal wastage.

    I totally totally love this soap! The only other soap which has been gud on my skin was Doycare AloeVera soap & Dove.


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