Tuesday 16 April 2013

DIY- my makeup brush cleaning experience

Hi friends,
Today for the first time i am going to share with you my DIY experience with makeup brush cleaning that i did this Sunday .I know you might be thinking that its the same old boring topic...but as it is my first time so thought to share with you all.I hope you all will like my effort of posting it....I consider myself as one of the most laziest person in this world but when i start this cleansing process i found it is very easy process and took near about 1 and half hour to do the whole thing....

Okay here are my brushes...I know they are very few and all are old ,as i brought all the brushes ages before...now thinking of buying new brush set replacing these old...

Anyways,here are the things i used to clean my brushes :-
I took A baby Shampoo.
A conditioner pouch.
Kara skin care wipes.
A towel.
A glass bowl.
Some Luke warm water.

Firstly I remove all the traces of gel eyeliner and lipstick from lip brush using a cleansing wipes of KARA..[ oops i forget to click the pic...:P]

Then I took some Luke warm water in glass bowl and pour two to three drops of Shampoo.

Mix the shampoo well in water and immerse the brushes into the water and leave it for 1 hour...

After 1 hour see the water change the color due to wash out makeup residue.

Then I wash each and every brush under water separately.

Again took some fresh like warm water.

Emptied the entire content of the pouch of conditioner in water and mix it well .

Then again immerse all the brush for 10 minutes in that water.

Followed by wash with plain water.Okay you can see i wash a sponge too...i am so lazy that i don't bother to wash it separately so wash it along with my brushes...and it works :) :)

And finally soak all the brush in towel separately and leave it overnight to let it dry naturally.

So here comes to an end of my post .
I hope you all like it my first attempt considering any flaw [if any ].

Do you have any more tips on this topic? then please share here.I would love to learn and know your tips too :)


  1. i follow the same steps for cleaning my babies.. lol.. :P :D i can see a kabuki brush which brand it is..???????

    1. Thank god you like it...That mini kabuki is from bh ...gifted by my sis :)

  2. oh wow! i clean them directly with shampoo & water. I dont use any conditioner!
    I like that stout oriflame brush!

    1. ohhh ! i thought may be conditioning make my brushes soft !
      And that oriflame brush was from crystal collection...don't know why it named so? :P

  3. i dont use conditioner nut i am gonna use it after this post

    1. You know what prayati my vega brushes are little scratchy...I too never thought of conditioning my brushes but i read of using conditioner in one blog ...I admit ! and I must say it really made my vega brushes smooth to some extent..try once..I bet you will feel the difference :)

  4. Hey what a coincident me too using my baby's shampoo to wash my makeup brushes :p

  5. its such a task to clean the brushes..but thanks for the lovely post sammy :)

    1. Thank you dear :)really a tough job of cleaning makeup brushes :(

  6. Wow! Thats an easy technique.. being a beginner, i am still learning all of this.. and I see you have some Oriflame brushes.. they look oh so cute! I have the same set and I love it!

    1. Thank you ! I am also a learner though.Yes i have oriflame brushes and I must say they are really nice :)

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