Monday 1 April 2013

My first Empties !

Hi friends,
Today I am first time posting my Empties of those products that i took ages to finish..
I always wonder how come other end up stuffs so quickly whereas mine took ages?..anyways,at alast i ended and here i am with loads of stuffs that I emptied In March...:)

Starting with Shampoos...

Schwarzkopf hair regrowth Shampoo:- 

This shampoo was suggested by my nearest parlour for hair regrowth but i must say it only make my hair soft and silky neither promotes hair growth or enhance hair fall..Its a okay type for me.I am not repurchasing it again.

Schwarzkopf hair repair shampoo:-  

Again it is recommended by my nearest parlour but it works same as the above shampoo.Still I don't know why I love it,so decided to buy again...It took ages to finish these both shampoos.

Schwarzkopf hair repair Mask:- 

Definitely it is a great mask for repairing .I used to apply it twice or thrice a week and I must say it keep my hair soft and smooth whole week.I will buy it again.

Arish haldi-neem face pack:- 

It is a ready to use pack. The pack claim to have haldi and neem as major ingredients which help to remove acne and pimples,but it doesn't work on my skin,in fact the concept of using it once in a week doesn't click on my skin..the quantity is also small compare to the price so I am not going to buy it again .

Arish hair plus hair vitalizer:-

It is a hair vitalizer with water base.I used to apply it at night before going to bed.It evaporates very quickly leaving a nice smell but the amount is very less compare to its high is near about 700 bucks for 100ml.definitely I am not going to buy it again as I doesn't promote any hair growth like it claim to be.

Keyaseth's body spa:-

It is a body wash.Nice smell,but require a lot to work up good lather....I am not going to buy it again as I personally don't like the smell.

Keyaseth's body oil:-

Well,this is the oil that I use whole year for my body...I totally loved it.very light in texture.easily absorb and leaves a nice smell along with making skin soft and smooth.This is my 10th bottle...yes you heard it right I am using it for last two years and I already stocked one more bottle before I emptied this as I can't leave my bath place without applying this oil every single day.

Keyaseth's fair and bright oil:-

Okay..It is brightening oil claims to remove sun tan so i mix it with my regular oil to apply it on my body and I must say I am loving the effect it give to my skin.I removes my sun tan..this is my second bottle and i am going to buy the third one too..although the price is little much compare to the quantity but it worth it ...:)

The body shop skin clearing lotion:-

Hmmmmm...I love this one and it took 7 months to finish it....quite a long time i am just bored of it so I am not going to buy it again atleast few more months then I will think about it.It contain alcohol which also stopping me to repurchasing it.

The body shop tea tree facial wash:-

Same feelings as the above TBS product.

The body shop tea tree blemish fade night lotion:-


VLCC acne care:-

I love this product as it help to reduce my acne in two days...I will buy it is a rescue product for my pimples....:)

Clarins cleansing gel:-

I got it in one of my vellvette box as a sample.The product quantity is so small that It hard to say whether it is good or not...So consider this as an empty product that fail to build any idea regarding it....

  oops sorry for the blurred pictures as my camera's battery was low  so i took the picture in hurry :(

Cashmere glow body lotion from bath and body works:-

I got this too as a sample in one of my Vellvette the the smell.I am going to buy it's full size for sure :)

Well,I know i ended quite a lots of products this month :)
As I am on shopping ban so I am concentrating on ending up the products to divert my mind from shopping :)
So....that's all for today..I hope you all like my first empties post ...
I will try to post it at the end of every month atleast that will give me little courage to end the products quickly...
See you in my next post..till then start emptying your products too and share your experience with me :)


Leave your lovely comments below to cheer me up always :)