Wednesday 10 April 2013

Review and Swatches Of NYX Luscious Lipgloss Palette

Today i am going to share with you Swatches of my    NYX Luscious Lipgloss Palette in naturals.

Price:-$8.00 but you can get it in discount $6.00[means 327 INR Approx. Plus Shipping ] from HERE

There are many shades of these range.

Company claimation:-

 NYX Luscious Lip Palette is NYX's signature lipgloss palette comes in 8 varieties of luscious lip color. Each NYX Luscious Lipgloss Palette offers a combination of 5 shades of long-lasting and moisturizing gloss to protect and add the perfect color to lips.   

The shade i brought is NATURALS.
This is my palette !

Oops ! i forgot to click the ingredients picture ....sorrrrrrrrryyyy !!!
Anyways the swatches are here...

The shade 1 is brownish.
The shade 2 is light brown
The shade 3 is light pink
The shade 4 is reddish
The shade 5 is a medium tone brown.

Now what i feel !

Well I brought this palette in discount from personally don't love glosses but when i saw this palette i can't stop myself to buy it as i was tempted.But After i brought I must say this is pure lip gloss.All the lip gloss lover will love it for sure. The glosses can be wear by mixing altogether or by taking two or three desired shades of your wish or can be worn as single alone or above lipstick.The Glosses are light in texture and easy to blend.The only bad thing is the brush comes with these palettes are totally useless as they are hard to apply...So i prefer to dab by fingers or other lip brushes !

Now Pros:-
  • It is true gloss.
  • All the shades are wearable.
  • Light in texture.
  • Easy to blend if you want to experiment with two or more shades altogether.
  • Staying power is 2-3 hours without having food or drinks.
Now the cons:-
  • Availability might be a issue.
  • Pricey in indian online stores.
  • The brush given with it is totally useless.
My rating:-4.5/5
My recommendation :-
I will not say that it is a must buy stuff but if you are a gloss lover then you can have it...else there is nothing to die for for me ...:)

Okay that's all for today ..see you in my next post :)
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