Monday 13 May 2013

My Inglot Haul !

Hey dearies,
Recently Inglot was offering 30 % off on Mother's day occasion  in refill eye shadows and lipsticks and on empty palette of 5 in but in Inglot store there was also many more offer was going on palettes...i mean I saw they also have additional offer on empty palette of 3....:) but the stock of refill offer was almost out of stock :(...but that doesn't effect me a lot as the inglot store was far away from my house so i thought when Major brands is giving same offer then why not grab the offer from there and see what I brought from their site...I am pretty much impressed by their quick delivery and nice packaging.

I brought 5 refill lipsticks and an empty palette of 5...

The inglot lipstick refills are 48,68,69,70 and 85....

and here is the palette...I must say this is a new type of palette compare to that I brought previously from the store ....

And that's all about my haul...
So what you grab from inglot in this mother's day offer?


  1. i never heard about inglot before, did they have great lipstick?
    the color you pick is really nice :)

    1. Google it dear and you will get loads of information about Inglot...yes they have lipsticks which are really great... :)

  2. Great haul!! I love Inglot.
    Cant wait to see the swatches.:)

  3. Nice haul! All the shades are chic :)

  4. Nice haul Sam.. I can't wait to receive mine :)

    Hina xoxo
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  5. Awesome lippies Sam enjoy I have 3 of them :)

  6. nice haul sammy :)) lovely shades u got

  7. Superb haul :) Loving the lip refill shades Sam

  8. All the shades look amazing.. u must review them soon :)


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