Wednesday 23 October 2013

Review of Avon anew Clinical PRO LINE COLLECTOR:-


I am back again with another Product from Avon.  Okay I am using this product from past one month and I think this is the time that I should review it now…So today I am up with Avon anew Clinical PRO LINE COLLECTOR. 

Price: - Rs.1799/- for 30g.

Let’s see the product claimation pictures:-

The lists of Ingredients are listed here:-

Product description:- 
The serum comes in a nice mirror like container with a pump. The cap is well fitted with transparent top from which you can see the nozzle of the bottle. The pump dispersed adequate amount of product which are just enough for one application thus it avoid of wastage of excess product.

Okay now coming to my take:-

The Avon anew Clinical PRO LINE COLLECTOR is claim to reducing of wrinkle, the day I receive the serum…I was at first was confused that how to do the review of this product when I have oily skin. In fact I was afraid of break out too. But thanks to the changing weather of Kolkata that my skin feels the urge of moisturizer. 

I have few fine lines on my forehead …so I thought to start with that. From past one month I am using it on my forehead mostly and the rest of the product that remain on my hand after applying it on forehead I applied it on my entire face during day and night. Being a house wife I use to stay at home so it seems easy for me to follow the application. The product is really lightweight as it claim to be and easily absorbed in skin. Although i have oily skin but still as winter is coming and my skin behaving I feel my skin really need a moisturized so I keep on using it but unfortunately after 15-20days I found 2-3 breakouts on my cheek. So I stop using it on my entire face and used it on my forehead only, and after one month I can see my wrinkles reduce to some extent but nothing like magic happens... like it reduce my 60 % wrinkle. ..This seems to be a negative point for impatient people like me. Adding to that the breakouts that occur after using it on my face I can say it might not suit people with oily skin. …I mean Yaa! It is very obvious that it will not suit oily skin beauties as wrinkles always seems to occur mostly on people having dry skin, as dry skin tend to wrinkle due to lack of moisturizer…who don’t know that !..Silly of me:P

 Anyways, here are the pictures of the product swatches..see here my skin look so dry here but after blending the serum on my hand see how instant moisturize my hand look so from this i can say this is a good moisturizer...but again i would warn people with oily skin should avoid using it .

Okay so summarizing up…


  • Light weight.
  • Easily absorbed.
  • Reducing of wrinkles to some extent.
  • Might work great on dry skin.
  • Work as a good moisturizer.

Now the cons:-

  • Pricey.
  • Not for oily skin might breakouts.
  • Progress of reducing wrinkles is nothing magical.

My ratings: - 3/5

My overall thoughts: - Definitely it is a good serum for dry skin to moisturize but for wrinkle? Well seeing the price one have to think twice before buying it. I have oily skin so I can’t say my thoughts are ultimatum I think it will work great on dry skin. So I decided to give it to my mom, maybe this serum work much better on her. 
If you want to try this serum out then wait for some discounts that Avon used to give every time in every alternate month I guess and as the festive season is going on so who knows maybe you can grab this in offer!

Till then stay healthy and beautiful and don’t forget to leave your precious comments below :)

[P.S. PR sample but my review is honest.]


  1. Nice review! I have oily skin so will stay away from it:)

    1. Yes if you have oily skin then you better stay away from it :) in fact you don't need it too ...:P

  2. looks great but v expensive...nice review sam...
    my recent post :

  3. great review hun :) but I think it would not work for my oily skin!!


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