Thursday 26 February 2015

Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look with tutorial:-

Hey girls, 

Here am back with a very interesting post …yes yes I know I already revealed it in my post tittle …it is my first ever celebrity inspired makeup…

Well, yes I agree I saw many beauty bloggers doing celebrity inspired makeup for which I really appreciate their efforts and hats off to them they nailed every makeup so well… but I never feel to do so …may be till now nobody’s makeup inspired me much to think…but yes when I saw the music video “Heart wants what it wants” of Selena Gomez the first thing that stuck on my head was her makeup, so subtle yet so classy and elegant…Selena Gomez is one of my favorite singer…I love her voice , the way she carry herself , so it was good opportunity to do an inspired makeup of my favorite singer.  The music video is in black and white so it was little tough for me to find out the exact breakdown of makeup …but still after few mix and match of shades I finally tried to do it …
And yes this time as I promised earlier that I will post tutorial of my eye makeup so this time I am here with my entire makeup breakdown with detailed pictures…I tried my best to keep it as simple as I can and easy to do so that everybody can attempt it ….:)

So let’s get started… 

Apply a brown kohl pencil on your entire eye lid, care should be taken that it don't cross the crease line.

The eye shadow is indicated with the eye shadow brush in the picture.

 Finally it’s me in colorful Picture…: P

I already mentioned in my previous post but again repeating here that it is not necessary that you need to use exact brand of makeup that I use, you can definitely use makeup as per your choice of brands…So now you are ready to rock the floor….

So, did you like the makeup? Am I nailed it? Does my tutorial help you a it? Do share your ideas or views in the comment section below… would love to know what you want to see most in my blog too :)

Till then bye see you in my next post…
"The heart wants what it wants baby….that’s what it wants baby…;)"


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