Thursday 14 May 2015

Mac Lipstick Tenor Voice from Ruben & Toledo collection:-

I know I am too late to write this post as almost everybody covered up this collection in blogging world and maybe I am the last one who still trying to manage to end up quickly.
As I already reviewed the Lipstick Victoriana, the gorgeous pinkish red from the same collection here .

 So am just doing quick review about this lipstick only.
Price:- Rs.1600/-

I know I should do a post of two lipstick all together at once as it would be easy for my readers to find and compare but the thing is it is just an impulsive buy…yes, I was decided that I wanted Victoriana only from this collectionand so according to my plan i brought Victoriana only from abroad but in the store on the launching day in India when I swatched all the lipsticks apart from Victoriana I grab TENOR VOICE again, a beautiful classic red according to Mac which one can't just ignore.

The lipstick comes up with a beautiful packaging. The white matte packaging with eyes and lips are really pretty but the case due to white it is prone to dirt. Still I just can’t stop admiring the cute packaging. When it is limited edition I always look for something different in packaging than the regular line mostly and this collection wins the hearts of all Makeup lover in packaging.

The lipstick is matte in texture still it glides super smoothly on lips without any tugging or pulling of lips. The lipstick stays more than 5 hours on my lips and it hardly fade with time or after meal. And yes, not to forget the vanilla scent of Mac lipsticks which are just worth mentioning.
 And finally its "ME" time ;).....

It’s is a limited edition for which I don’t think it is available till now in Store but the shade is undoubtedly pretty dupable as Mac is keep on launching of pretty similar shades in different packaging and in different collection so keep your eyes on Mac, who knows it might re-launched in other name in some other collection. Else it is close to All fired up Lipstick on my NC 35 skin tone.

So see you in my next post soon.
Sammyyyyyyy ;)


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