Tuesday 18 August 2015

Smoked out with neutral lips:-

It is one of those days when I love to be off bit or want to write off bit or don’t want to write anything serious…so why not sharing a light fun mood post with you all…I bet you all will love it :)

So here it is:-

It was just unplanned… raining heavily outside and I was just feeling bored. Got call from friends that “let’s meet up for chit chat”…and it happens…

Yes, it was kind of weird when I step out in rain with a big umbrella and all smokey eyes …few people on the road was staring at me but before they react I get into the car …Thank fully…

“When the weather look dull I dress up bold” is the common phrase we makeup lovers love to repeat but never knew about the reaction of others people who was almost wet in that dull rainy weather…

Anyways who care right? It just matter that “I should look perfect whatever be the circumstances be…lol”

So here are few of my pictures of the looks that I created few weeks back with my outfit I wore on that day…sorry for late posting. Actually I am lined up with so many posts that I almost forgot about it. Still better late than never...right?

See you in my next post, may be some serious review post …lol ;)

Love Sammy !

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