Monday 14 September 2015

Chitchat with my collective Haul:-

Hey my girlfriends’ hope you all have a great weekend… mine was pretty hectic as there was a family get together. But ended up with a blast as I shopped a lot…nah, it’s not just that my birthday month is coming up next, it’s just a random haul…few were pre-planned and few are just impulsive buy.
And yes I end up my weekend with pampering my hair.

 Well, am using L’Oreal hair spa mask from last one year for my hair and yes I am addicted to it. It really makes my hair look gorgeous and smooth but the effect remain until for next wash if you do it at home. So I will always suggest you all that try to do hair spa in salon only as much as you can as the effect is quite long lasting but yeah sometime I don’t get time as am a busy mom of a four year old naughty kid…lol…and so I end up with this trying at home…!

Oh! Between did you saw my sleek haul? It was not done in one month, I slowly added most of them from long time and here is the picture of the same. I just love sleek palettes as they are budget friendly and pigmented ones. Few do have fallout issues or chalky but with a good primer they always work for me. And yes I ordered mostly from “LA MAKEUP AFFAIRE” page from Facebook, my friend “RITII NARANG” is the owner of the same. So, next time you want to buy you can contact her too ;)

Coming to the matte lip from sleek I just didn’t get time to try it till now…am I kidding? Nah, seriously…not even swatched so before I say any single word about it I need to swatch and use…lol I brought Fandango purple and party pink…I read many good reviews about it so fingers crossed ;) 

Between I found a close dupe of SLEEK FANDANGO PURPLE…it is…LIMECRIME UTOPIA…(not going to say any word on the controversy of adultery ingredients present on “Limecrime” products…google it ..oops…zipppeddd :P !!!)

Finally Nars Dragon girl is on my kitty!

Okay, I admit I buy too much makeup…and I hardly show my beauty care regime…people think am hiding my secrets but the fact is am ashamed to tell you all that I don’t follow any proper brand for my face, I use test and trial kind off. 

Previously my this kind of stupid act always create loads of problems on my skin and face but now it don’t create any such problem... And the secret lies in my weight loss journey that making my skin look good. In short, what I realize in these past eight months is “YOU DON’T NEED HIGH END BRAND SKIN CARE ROUTINE TO MAKE YOUR SKIN LOOK GOOD OR YOU DON’T NEED TO MUCH MAKEUP TO HIDE YOUR ACNE MARKS OR PIMPLES IF YOU DRINK LOTS OF WATER, KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED AND EAT LOADS OF FRUITS AND GREEN TEA THEN YOUR SKIN WILL BEHAVE GOOD FROM INTERNALLY, IT IS ALWAYS NECESSARY TO KEEP YOURSELF HEALTHY FROM INSIDE TO SHOW IT ON YOUR FACE ;) ”

People and brands people will kill me saying all these that too in my beauty blog…Ahh! Never mind, may be more brands will ban me now. 

But I am always honest to my reviews and talks…i share what I feel. And that’s why this time to prove my words here I am showing you what I end up buying from beauty care range…loads of affordable cheap beauty care products from Patanjali. I already started using all and let’s see what happen but till now am quite impressed with Patanjali. Still need time to up with my reviews…So, until then have a look at the picture…

And oh yes…See such a stupid…I forgot to show you all what I picked from MAC MATTE LIPS COLLECTION 2015 that just launched in India last Friday. Here they are…I already reviewed “Pink Pigeon” and “Dangerous” on my friend’s blogs…these are my re-buy…errrrr re-buy??? Yes…I ended up giving those two lipsticks to my darling sister and so re-buy…I know, I know freaking me …lol  and another one is “whirl”… it is new one in this collection. I am waiting to grab few more from this matte range and then will do a combine post. Till then just enjoy the pictures girls ;)

Mac is really costly and it just burn my pocket, every time I buy a mac lippie and look into my wallet, it’s almost empty…but I am a lipstick addict and I love matte finish so it’s not always about Mac only. I end up buying matte lipsticks from any brand…gift me matte lipsticks as much as you can and I will be the happiest person in this world no matter what if the shades are similar to my stash of lipstick that I already have…lol 

It is true that not all brand can impress me easily and that’s why I always stick to some particular brand when I planned to buy and CHAMBOR is one them. Their recent launches EXTREME MATTE LIPSTICK just grab my attention and I end up buying three. One was brought in past and other two was brought recently…I might grab few more from this range as I already started loving their quality and texture of that lipsticks. Here they are…

And yes recently I visited my city Kolkata and I end up buying few accessories…

With the picture of my recent  FOTD & OOTD that I did this weekend I am stopping my blah! blah! chitchat here…:)

Hope you all like my post, quite lengthy I admit but if you like it let me know so that I could start something like this for you all…

Keep smiling and stay blessed, see you in my next post ;)
Love ya!
Sammy :)


  1. Seems I am day dreaming now, so many of them :). I was constantly starring at the NARS Dragon Girl.


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