Thursday 17 December 2015

Review on Prem dulhan Hair Henna :-

Hello gorgeous,
In this season of festive we always try to dress up like a “New me” in every occasion. And in this dressing up the most important part is our hair…yes, whenever we talk about a makeover or dress up during any party or occasion the most important and crucial part is our hair. If your hair is just right the way you want then your 80% of effort of looking gorgeous is done.

Today I am going to talk about henna, from the brand “Prem Dulhan” that I receive few days back as a PR sample for reviewing purpose. We always love to color our hair mostly and in this run of coloring our hair we lost the natural glow of our hair as mostly hair color do contain chemicals that tends to change our hair texture and glow slowly. So, being a thin hair gifted girl, I always try to avoid coloring my hair with hair color. But there are some time when I just want to get out of my usual boring black hair and so I usually go for henna only. So when the brand ask me to choose any product from their entire range of different products, I choose their henna for review purpose and today here I am up with the same.

Price: Rs.45/- for 125gm. 
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Prem dulhan henna comes in a nice sealed package. It is a natural brown henna hair color that comes in a powdery form. You have to take out the required quantity and just mixed it with water to make a thick paste. And then you can apply it on your pre-shampooed hair and leave it for one hour and then just wash it. The powder is easy to mix with water. And it is easy to apply on hair. One important thing that I have to mention here is KINDLY USE HAND GLOVES OR HAIR BRUSH TO APPLY THE HENNA as the henna powder is insanely pigmented. For the first time I used my bare hand to apply it and it just stain my hand so badly that it took a week to get back my actual skin color still there is stain on my nails. So never ever apply it with your bare hand. Secondly the henna powder when I applied on my hair for first time I found the paste itself looking so horrifying brown on my hair that I just keep it only for 30 minutes instead of one hour but after washing it I found that I color my hair nicely. So on second time I keep it for one hour like as instructed and trust me it doesn’t over color my hair neither it look odd after washing. I got a very nice brown color hair after second wash. So don’t get scare see the color of paste while applying…lol. I am quite satisfied with the henna. The henna is solely for hair coloring purpose in natural way, it don’t claim any hair problems to be sorted so I can’t comment on that but I do have dry hair issues and this henna dried my hair a little bit which is a common factor of all henna which can be sorted with proper conditioning of hair after wash and hot oil treatment just one day before doing henna on dry hair.



Finally it's my hair...just dried with hair dryer after washing the hair color ! 

And when it is straighten temporary it finally gives an awesome glow...see these pictures :)

 All I can say the quantity of henna powder at this price is just awesome. The henna powder require a small quantity to cover my full hair, as it so pigmented so a little powder will go long way. 

So, in this festive season if you want to color your naturally then definitely you can try out “PREM DULHAN HENNA”. For now leaving you all in healthy and beautiful condition and I will meet you in my next post :)

Love ya!


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  1. Nice review...with all details that helped me to go ahead with this product


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