Tuesday 12 January 2016


Hey folks,

So, finally I am here to share my diet and exercise for the rest of months of one year. When it’s about diet and exercise there are many small details that we should always keep I our mind and I want to share every details of it here. But then it will make this post quite long. So I decide to share the most important part of weight loss series first that is diet and exercise then will follow up with many more tips and tricks in upcoming post….
So coming to diet plan …
You can find out the diet chart here and few more tips here.
Avoid all carbohydrates and sugary food from your daily calorie requirement diet for first six days of the week. And on seventh day it’s time to treat a bit to your soul and tongue but keeping your calorie count same as daily basis. 

On seventh day eat whatever you want to eat but don’t cross the limit of calorie intake. 

From this month we are not going to skip or save calories. We will eat as much food as our body required for daily purposes. As we are going to work out little hard. And at the end of two month on any Sunday treat your soul and tongue fullest like you want. On that day no calorie count, no restriction. But keep it in mind that the treat should be at one time in a day, it means it can be either your breakfast or lunch. (Avoid the treat on dinner or else have the treat before 9pm at night).
So finally we are going to do the following exercise in upcoming rest of 10 months… and I will tell you how…
After a month of just dieting and few exercises...from second month here are the video 1  and video 2 for one month. It will combo of two videos for rest of one month that i followed for first two week of month.

From third week of second month to rest of months of one year i slowly increase my exercise label. Here they are in order...

The exercise will be 45-90minutes from third month to rest of the year.

Am adding few more videos that i used to follow by changing the regular exercise routine as it will help your body to work more, move more. 

So, finally here are the combo of loads of different type of exercises that you can do throughout the year at home along with good and healthy diet. You can find out many more exercise on you tube channel about walking exercise and can try it out too. It is just that I shared only those videos that i tried and followed so that you can get a complete idea about my weight loss journey.

 I hope it will help you a lot and I will discuss few more important details on my next post soon :)
For now am signing off…see you soon.
Sammy :)


  1. You're really inspiring and kind lady, God bless you. I'm going to start from tomorrow.
    Warm regards

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