Sunday 21 February 2016

Review of Gia Bath and Body Works – Body Butter


I am super happy to say that this is my first ever blog post . Difficult for me to put down in words how I am feeling now while writing this post happy and nervous both. You must now be eager to know more how I landed to write blog post, it’s the biggest story to share with you all. I would be happiest person to share it. May be I will plan to make a separate post. This was just that one product that bought my dry skin the needed extreme softness and got completely rid of itchiness. I was so overwhelmed that now I have stocked up 6 jars.

 And how can I refrain from not put down in words about this product which I just cannot live without. Get reading below about my journey with it!

It comes in this plastic bottle with a pump, easing to pump out appropriate amount of product for use.

Price: Rs.750/- with Net Volume 200 ml


The first thing that I read were truly bonus points which got permanently got locked to my mind; there just cannot be anything best than these you see… !
Not animal tested
Chemical free

The texture depends on the place you stay. If it’s humid it turns out to be rich and heavy thick oil; and at cool place its semi thick but once it comes in contact with warm body it converts to oil.

Smell: You can smell pure Waterlilly. There are many more variants available do check them out .

My experience and the way I use it:

Being an IT professional wherein I spend round about 9 hours in AC which makes my skin dry and itchy, this product came to rescue me. Gayatri Brown was such sweet and helpful that she customized body butter for me based on the concerns that I had shared with her. Did you hear me saying “CUSTOMIZED”? Yes she did. I was super happy. . The way I use it -

1st [Morning routine]; after shower pat dry , take appropriate amount of product on my hand and gently rub the product between 2 hands(the product gets converted to oil form and will get a bit warm). Now generously apply the product as needed. 

2nd [Evening routine]; after shower pat dry, do same as I do in way 1. At the end pour a mug of warm water and pat dry. This gives the sensation of Spa (u see spa at home  hehe), relaxed and washes of the tiredness that I had during the day. Oh how I missed saying that I get a tight sleep to.

Forever addicted to this body butter and never did I see my skin shouting out I am DRY. One problem that I faced was pumping out the product when the weather gets cool. Bit of struggle to get the product out due to the very thick consistency. Guess what now the packaging is changed and it comes in a plastic container. Do let me know if any of the ways that I mentioned worked out for you. Also, do share with me if you got your own way.

Some might not like it because of thick and heavy nourishing quality, a bit towards oily. But if you can make it work in your way I bet you will not buy any other body butter.

You can checkout more details of the products and the brand itself from here

MnB edit:- Our guest writer SRISTI UNKI just shared her experience with her newly brought beauty product, kindly encourage her and show her some support too :)

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