Monday 28 March 2016

MAC ZAC POSEN lipstick in Dangerously Red

 Hello guys,

I am up today with my most raved and much-awaited post. I post a picture of my recent haul from MAC ZAC POSEN collection. After which I got a huge number of messages regarding its quick review. So I took just a week to test and finally I am ready to share my view regarding the same. And I think , one week of constant use id just perfect to conclude about a lipstick in every way...right ? ;)

MAC ZAC POSEN still didn't launch in India. And till now, there is no information about it's launching in IndianMac store. Although Mac cosmetics in India updated that the collection will launch in a week in India (don't know when this "next week" will be happening...)
Anyways, I will keep you all updated, if I came to know anything about it.

I bought the lipstick in Indian currency as Rs.1750/- . So I can guess it can be Rs.1600/-  to Rs.1800/- in India (if it gets launch here).

 The packaging of the lipstick is really awesome. When I took it in my hand , I found the lipstick case is definitely little heavy compared to the regular packaging of lipstick from MAC. Maybe because the packaging is really sturdy.  Mac most of the time end up with flimsy limited edition packagings like Prabal Gurung Collection or Giambattista Valli collection, but this time, Mac really work on the packaging too. The outer carton as well as the lipstick case both are in a word "CLASSY".

MAC ZAC POSEN  collection comes up with three lipsticks in this collection Sheer Madness (Lustre), Darling Clementine(matte), Dangerously Red(matte). Among three, I grab one that is "Dangerously Red". The shade is described as a "blue fuchsia" with a matte finish. I found the shade is pretty common shade, but when it's about limited edition,  I don't mind to grab one from each collection always ;)

Coming to my experience, the lipstick glides smoothly on lips without any tugging or pulling of lips. It is quite pigmented like the usual matte lipstick of Mac cosmetics. It stays pretty six hours on my lips. And it fades slightly after a heavy meal. The lipstick is matte in texture but it don't dry out the lips insanely like the liquid matte usually does. The lipstick is lightweight on lips and it hardly transfer after half an hour of applying it to lips. Two swipes are perfect to get the opaque coverage.

So, summing up the entire post, MAC ZAC POSEN  collection has really classy and sturdy packaging. The lipsticks although are pretty dupable which you can skip if you don't want to spend extra bucks behind packaging only. But the blush duo is worth to check out(which I will if they launch in India) as Mac don't have that blush duo in the regular line.

Finally a comparison swatch of few lipsticks along with MAC ZAC POSEN Dangerously red.


So, are you planning to grab any product from this collection? if yes, which one.

I will see you very soon with a new post.

Love Sammy.


  1. Beautiful shades... And you look absolutely lovely... Do a breakdown of your makeup base aswell :) love the glow on you!!

    1. Thank you so much dear. Yes, I will do a breakdown on my makeup base for sure :)


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