Tuesday 12 July 2016

Review and swatches of beauty care products from Ehicare Remedies:-

Hey friends,

Today I am up with a brand “Ethicare Remedies” that need to be in Limelight of beauty care world. A few days back the brand owner contacts me and send me few products to me for review purpose.

When it comes to beauty care I am bit skeptical and that’s why I always try to stick to those products that I am using for ages. Ethicare Remedies is the brand that has the capability of changing mind of those skeptical people like me.

Availability:- www.ethicare.in

A little Info about brand:-

The brand focus is to bring a high quality product in pocket-friendly price that can give its best performance and can stand out to customer satisfaction. The brand is getting a good response from all over India and they exported to Dubai , Mauritius, Yemen, Bangladesh, and Nepal too.

I receive an exclusive kit from the brand consist of four products.

1. Cutishine a face wash for daily cleansing.

2. Epi Plus lotion- Sensitive skin cleanser.

3. Ospis- anti-bacterial skincare soap.

4. Sweatnil- Antiperspirant gel.

Coming to my experience:-

     Cutishine – It is a face wash for daily cleansing.

Price:- Rs.180/- for 70gm.

Packaging:-The face wash comes in a transparent tube with flip cap opening. The face wash is light yellow in colour, gel consistency and had a nice floral smell. One had to squeeze to take out the product.

How to use:-Take a little amount of face wash with little water onto your palm. Work up, lather and gently massage on your wet face and neck in circular motion. Rinse off with clear water.

My experience with Cutishine:- 

The face wash claims to contain natural AHA and BHA with special skin lightening actives. As I am not tan so I can’t say about it. 

I find my skin soft and fresh after every wash. The face wash heals my pimples and acne quite faster. The active micro granules in face wash scrub my face gently. I am using the face wash from last two weeks and the moment this review will be up on blog it going to be 2 and half weeks, till now I didn’t face any problem with my facial skin. The face wash works really good to clean my oily dirt face along with the residue of makeup from my skin.

    Epi Plus lotion- Sensitive skin cleanser.

Price:- Rs.180/- for 100ml.

Packaging:- The skin cleanser comes in a white tube with flip cap opening. You had to squeeze to take out the product. The product is white in colour and creamy in consistency. It is a soap free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic. It claims to maintain the ph balance of the skin.

How to use:- Wet the body with water and apply epiplus cleansing lotion. Massage the body gently and then rinse with water. wipe the body with soft towel. Avoid scrubbing your skin. For best results use daily.

My experience:- The skin cleanser has no smell and it is a soap-free product. That’s why it don’t work up as the lather. I took a dollop for each application. 

For first few days I was little unhappy with the product as it "NO FRAGNANCE"...OMG....HOW CAN i TRY IT....??? 

But slowly I started love the way it cleans my skin, I can feel that too but what I am little sad about this product that it has no smell ( as I am very particular about fragrances in my body care products). 

Why I start loving this no fragnance product ?

I do have allergic problems in the skin during summers, and before I start using the cleanser my skin always quenches for moisture and turns red due to dryness, but the day I start using it, till now I am not facing any allergic problem in my skin. So definitely it is a hit product for me (hmm, I think I can ignore the fragrance point ;) ).

    Ospis-  anti-bacterial skincare soap.

Price:- Rs.69/- for 100g.

Packaging:- Ospis soap is a white in colour with no smell.

My experience:- Ethicare remedies already break the skeptical mind of mine by their no fragrance skin cleanser. So when I start using the soap, I keep my mind broad so that I can judge the quality of the soap on the basis of its performance, not on the basis of fragrance.

The soap is a moisturizing soap ideal for dry skin. The soap claims to contain aloe vera that moisturizes dry skin. The soap lathers well and it made my skin pretty soft and hydrated after every wash. Due to dry skin, I usually avoid soaps for my skin but this soap changes my mind for the time and yeah it shows that “a soap have the capability to moisture dry skin like a body wash cream”. This time, I don’t have any problem with the fragrance issue as the soap was pretty successful to win my heart by its moisturizing capability.


Sweatnil- Antiperspirant gel

Price:- Rs.170/- for 50ml.

Packaging:- It is colorless antipersipirant gel that comes in a roll-on packaging. One had to roll it on their underarms for getting the best result.

My experience:- The roll-on is quite travel-friendly one and it is a very good option for personal hygiene. 

The roll on stays pretty 4 hours on summers. It has no burning or irritating sensation if applied on newly waxed underarms. I am using the roll on from past few weeks and I am loving it every beat. It survives those sweaty gym days too and so I think it is a must have antiperspirant gel in your bag before you hit the gym ;)

My rating for Ethicare remedies:- 4/5 (that fragrance point …and I wish they are easily available on Flipkart or amazon too.)

Overall “Ethicare remedies” is a brand that needs a big shout out for their awesome products at pocket-friendly price. They actually prove that a product quality doesn’t depend on its fragrance and soap  consists.

Do I recommend this brand?

Yes, I will. If you have sensitive skin then definitely you should try this brand at least once.

That's all for today and I will see you soon in some other blog post :)

Love Sammy :* 

[pr sample send by the brand for review purpose]

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