Monday 22 August 2016



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Finally giving a small break to the makeup part today and going to review one of my recent hair care product. The constant change of weather from rainy to sunny creating so much imbalance in my hair texture that I found my hair turning dull with tremendous hair fall. All those hair fall on my floor and the pillow makes me so worried that I had to buy something for my hair.

I always change my hair care routine after every third month as I found my hair usually get accustomed to the newly brought product within 3-4 months and stop showing any result. That’s why I had to indulge myself in different hair fall tonic. For now, I am using Biotique BIO MOUTAIN EBONY (VITALIZING SERUM FOR HAIRFALL)

Biotique BIO MOUTAIN EBONY (VITALIZING SERUM FOR HAIRFALL) comes in a sturdy semi-transparent plastic bottle.

Price: - Rs.185/- for 120ml.

Ingredients list picture:-

 It is a hair serum so it is liquid in texture. One had to pour the serum on palm and spread it evenly on dry scalp. Massage it in the circular motion for few minutes and then leave on.

I usually apply the serum at night and leave it overnight. Being watery in texture it is easily absorbed in my dry scalp leaving a very nice mild smell. On the very next day, I just wash my hair with plain water and I do shampoo on every alternate day in a week. The serum is non-oily and non-sticky. It doesn’t weigh down my hair after application. I can even style as desired once the serum completely dried on my scalp.

Coming to the result of the serum:-

The moment I click the picture it was just two weeks and the moment I sit down to write about it is already four and half week. I saw the dullness of my hair is gone. I will not claim that it totally stop my hair fall (sounds like an advertisement) but yeah it regulates my hair fall to some extent. As the hair tonic has been suggested to apply on dry scalp only so it has no function if I apply it on my dry ends of hair. The hair tonic definitely improves my scalp but it has nothing to do with my dry ends.

Over in all, I am pretty ok ok with this product as it improves my scalp condition but didn’t bring any drastic change in my hair fall. Secondly, continuous use of this hair tonic actually regulates my hair fall only to some extent. Moreover, it has nothing to do with my dry ends. So, if you just want to maintain your healthy hair then this hair tonic is must buy but if you expecting a lot from it then definitely you should look out for something else which is more powerful on your hair.

Have you tried out this hair tonic? Do you like it?

I will see you soon in my next post :)


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