Wednesday 14 September 2016

PR POST :- Have fun…but after investing, Girls!

Are you worried about your/your family’s financial life? Do you often find your bank balance nearing zero by the 20th of each month?
 Do you have a huge credit card bill outstanding due to the impulsive shopping you do every month, and are worrying yourself out, on ways to pay it off, ladies? Have you saved enough for the major expenditures coming up in the next 5, 10, 15 or 20 years? Have you saved 3 months of your income as your emergency fund? Or worse still, do you at all save any penny from your earnings each month, or blow it all up on your living expenses? 
If the answers to all the above questions is No and if you are already stressed to relate to these scary questions, then you need to seriously think about your securing financial life.
Or do you dream to be a billionaire and are clueless of how to process about it? Yes we are not exaggerating, it is quite possible, if you invest regularly for the next 10-15 years.
As much as it’s heartening to see women becoming financially independent and contributing to their household expenditure and footing their bills today, it’s also a fact that women splurge a lot. Did I mention retail therapy to cure a bad mood? :) It’s a fact that women are impulsive shoppers and quite prone to temptations too! And the glittering and alluring shopping malls are not aiding a wee bit. The scariest fact is, women live longer than men. So if you do not invest wisely, circumstances could be quite bleak in the old age, post-retirement.
Now, why is saving and investing money so crucial? Did you raise your eyebrows at ‘saving’ and ‘investing’? Yes they are two very different concepts. ‘Saving’ means just putting aside a portion of your money, but ‘investing’ means to save your money wisely, so that it works for you to secure you totally and give more returns compared to inflation. 
Investment is essential to take care of major expenses such as education, wedding, foreign vacation, and sudden unfortunate incidents such as hospitalization due to accidents or critical/terminal disease, death of the sole-earner of a family, or, a job loss. To cope with such expenses and incidents, we must invest regularly and plan for the expenses to be incurred in a year, 5, 10, 20 years and so on.  
It is quite possible to be financially-organized, and saving small amounts each month is enough to take care of all these expenses in the future, and yet have some fun in life, as all work and no play makes us dull girls! :)
At Wealth for Her, we will ensure that you do not worry about finance and investment because once you allow us to take care of your money, it becomes our duty to take care of your happiness. 
And all the consultation is done completely via emails, so that you can relax. :)
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·         We are not commissioned agents of any insurance or mutual fund or share market brokerage company.
·         We will advise you on the products to buy for investment and give you a list of choices, from where you can choose.
·         We will insist you to invest according to a plan that we will create exclusively for you.
·         We do not have any financial obligations to anyone part from you, our pretty customers.
·         Women who are home-makers are also welcome to approach us for investment consultancy.

About Us

Wealth for Her is a personal finance advisory consultancy that believes in empowering women financially! Today plenty of women are working and earning their living, however, only a handful invest their earnings wisely and take part in the financial aspect of the their household actively. 
Many of us are not adequately prepared for the various major expenditures that we will have to incur at various stages of our lives. Ladies fret not, because help is here! Some of us don’t even know where start and how to start investing. 
We will not only help you to invest (not save, yes there is a huge difference) your hard-earned money, we will help you to be stress-free (financially) and have fun too! 
So what do we offer? 
If you are someone, who has no/little savings/investments, we will help you to design your investment portfolio to help you meet minor and major expenditures of your life. Your investment plan will be tailor-made to your income and liabilities and current financial situation. And all this will be available at very reasonable price! 
If you continue with us for the second year straight (and we’d like to have you with us life-long), we will certainly give you a discount! :) Sounds great? 
For further discussion, please drop us an email at
We will be happy to see you debt-free and stress-free ladies! Lastly, all these services will be taken care of online, via emails only. 

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