Sunday 27 November 2016


"To create a perfect pout two things are necessary, one is lip liners and another are lipsticks."

Being a lipstick holder, I never have a shortage of color in my stash but yes when it comes to creating perfect pout I always felt I need some good lip liners too for my lipsticks.
And so, when was having a sale on COLORBAR, I grab few lip liners.


Price:- Rs. 599/- for 1.45gm (I bought in discount Rs.479/-, few and rest from my nearby COLORBAR  store.).

A little information about Colorbar Lip liners:-

"Say no to unruly and undefined lip shades with COLORBAR lip liner. It is a sleek lip pencil which provides maximum color to your lips. It's a superstar lip liner which gives long lasting coverage and radiant color to your lips. Give definition to your lips while nourishing your lips. The lip liners don't fade out and stay on for long.

  • Available in 12 universally flattering shades.
  • Can be used as a lipstick for the complete matte look.


Colorbar lip liners are available in 12 beautiful shades. Among which I pick seven best-selling lipliners. The lip liners come in a black wooden pencil which needs to sharpening from time to time to get a sharp define lip liner. The name of the lip liners is embossed in silver over the black wooden pencil. At the bottom of the pencil, there are the colors matching to the color of lip liners for which it is easy to pick the shade seeing the bottom color when kept inverted in the stash.Each lip liners comes with a sharpener along with the cap of the pencil, for which these lip liners are easy to carry and sharpen  during traveling.

My experience:-
I pick the shades CREAMY N*DE, SUMMER PINK, BERRY ROSE, CHOCOLATE BROWN, MY MAGENTA, JUST CORAL, ROSY RED. All the shades are hottest selling lip liners from this range. As the lip liners come in wooden pencil so you need to sharpen it which mean there is certain wastage of product. Moreover, the brand along with MUA of the store claim to apply these lip liners as lipsticks for a matte look which is definitely not recommended. As these are lip liners, not lipsticks so these will always tend to dry out your lips after few minutes, so if you are planning to try it as a lipstick then trust me you are going to have a tough time with dry lips.

These lip liners are only good to line up your lips or to fill up your lips before you apply any lipsticks. The lip liners stay pretty 6-7 hours on my lips giving a little longevity to my lipstick too. They are pretty smooth on application, no tugging or pulling of lips. Neither it's smudge or feather after hours. So, in short, these are the perfect travel-friendly lip liners to create your perfect pout along with your lipsticks anywhere anytime. 

The only drawback I found in these lip liners that it is little pricey compared to other drugstore brands (if not in discount). Secondly, sharpening of lip liners causes wastage of product. But still, I will give these lip liners a pass as they are really good in quality and had variety in shades.

So, if you are planning to buy lip liners, then I will definitely going to recommend you to try at least one of these lip liners before you conclude anything.

Here are the few pictures of the lip liners along with the swatches :)

Hope you found this post helpful.
I will see you soon with another post. Till then have fun!

Love Sammy :*


  1. These are really good one. I have the creamy nude one. Its absolute matte lipliners and transfer proof too. One can easily use them as a lipshade too. Those who looking for a matte transfer proof lipstick in a budget they can easily opt for these lipliners.


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