Monday 5 December 2016


When you are a blogger , you always come up with products that you love mostly. It’s all about sharing a good experience with best products only. Being in blogging world from past few years I do shop a lot of skin care product, hair care product or makeup. Sometimes it became really hard to post about every single product that you buy. So I mostly end up doing a blog post over best products only while leaving many products that are either or neither worth mentioning. So, today’s post is going to be a little longer one than usual. As today I am going to summarize few hair care products which either I love to use them or they totally disappoint me and I never care to share about it…

So, starting with the PRODUCTS THAT I LOVED:-


A perfect shampoo for oily hair beauties. This shampoo just washes the scalp super clean. It helps to balance the oil of oily hair but for dry hair beauties, this shampoo might dry your hair texture a bit. The shampoo is perfect for everyone in those sweaty summers but during winters I doubt it going to work for everyone or not.
Price: - Rs.75/- for 200ml.
My rating;- 4/5.


When it comes about hair oiling I mostly prefer pure oils and mixed it a certain ratio and then apply it to my scalp. But it is time-consuming to do the entire process for a lazy person like me. So I bought PATANJALI KESH KANTI OIL a few months back. If you want me to sum up the review about the product then it is a good hair oil, that is lightweight in texture. So it can easily wash out in a single wash. It prevents dry scalp during winter, nourish my dry hair a bit and prevents hair fall. It helps to keep my hair texture soft. So, in short, it is not an over-hyped product but a very decent oil that true to the process of “oiling your hair once a week” to maintain your hair quality.


A decent hair shampoo, perfect for those dry scalp and dry hair. With regular use, it does tend to dry out your hair little more. So it is suggested to use this shampoo every alternate day only. The shampoo comes in a tube packaging, which is easy to squeeze out the product. The shampoo doesn't control dandruff but yes, it works great on smoothening your dry hair after every wash. So, one can avoid using conditioner after washing hair with this shampoo if you are in hurry.
Price:- Rs.95/- for 150ml.
My rating :- 4/5.


Another perfect shampoo for dry and damaged hair. The shampoo works well on the dry scalp in summers and winters. Moreover, if your hair gets more oily and dirty than usual then this shampoo is not enough to clean your scalp at one go. One need to wash 2-3 time to get rid of that excess oil and dirt. The shampoo is just perfect to clean the dry scalp without making it drier like other shampoos usually do.
Price:- 95/- for 200ml.
My rating :- 4/5




 I already reviewed BIOTIQUE BIO MOUTAIN EBONY,  hair vitalizer here .
It doesn't impress me much.
Price:- Rs.185/- for 120ml.
My rating:- 3/5


Another hair tonic which was ok for my hair. I was neither too happy nor too much disappointed about this product. But still, I never look for the second bottle after I finish my first one. The hair tonic although helps me to reduce my hair fall a bit but if I use to forget to apply for a week or two , I go back to my normal hair fall problem. Next, there is no new hair growth even after using it for one and half month. So a disappointed product according to my opinion.
Price:- Rs.710/- for 200ml.
My rating:- 3/5
Price: - Rs.130/- for 120ml.
My rating: 4/5.



A conditioner is always used after every wash to maintain the oil balance of hair. But what if your conditioner itself ruin the oil balance of your hair in the name of damage control? PATANJALI DAMAGE CONTROL CONDITIONER belong to that category that itself might make your hair little bit of more dry. The conditioner although a cream texture looks smooth on hair but after washing it I never get that desired smoothness that I was looking for. It turns my hair into dull and frizzy. So definitely a thumbs down product for me.
Price:- Rs.60/- for 100ml.
My rating:- 2/5.

So, that concludes my entire list of BEST/WORST hair care product according to my experience.
Will be doing a skincare product list and makeup list too in a while. Till then CIAO !


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  1. Totally loved the compilation Sammy..and I came across a few products that I have used too so knowing ur perspective on them was interesting :)


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