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Today "Makeup and Beauty" blog is going to review a book. So yes it is the first time where I am going to put my views regarding a book for the first time. I am not nervous neither I am scared to put my thoughts over this book that "simply potraits childhood which somewhere related to us". A book that simply reminds all those 80's and 90's kids of R K NARAYAN  "Malgudi days".

Few words about Half Pants, Full Pants by Anand Suspi by Paper boats:

The new year's here - and we're just about getting the hang of writing 2017 in our books. And speaking of books, what a fine time to introduce to you our newest adventure: our first ever title in the magical world of words... *drumroll* Half Pants, Full Pants by Anand Suspi!

Half Pants, Full Pants is Anand's debut collection of short stories about a little boy growing up in Shimoga, a (then!) small town in Karnataka. In it, you'll find a range of lovely tales - that celebrate little joys (like watching TV for the first time ever) to the most exquisite thrills (like driving a train!)

From playing a rare instrument, to asking Rajiv Gandhi intimate questions, to practicing dolphin dives, to hanging out of a running train in the middle of the night; to witnessing a world record, to being caught in a flood of sambar, to learning kung-fu with mosquitoes, to becoming the "inventor" of capris, to making magnets, to planning a borewell... Half Pants Full Pants is a collection of real-life stories of growing up in Shimoga. At once an ode to innocence and mischief, this is a collection of effortlessly-told memorable little tales guaranteed to set off a journey back in time. R. Balki, perhaps our generation's best filmmaker and storyteller, touts this treasure-trove of stories as: "After Malgudi Days, I could never imagine that somebody could create another childhood classic for adults to regain their innocence even for a few hours. Suspi's tales would have made R K Narayan smile. Oh! That beautiful Kannadiga gene!",

About the Book

: Anand Subbarao (known as Suspi to those who know him since 1993) has been an advertising writer for the past 20 years. He has spent a large part of his career in Lowe Lintas. He now lives in Gurgaon and runs his own (largely unknown) ad agency called and.

Price: - Rs.195/- (now in discounted price of Rs.135/-).
Availability: - Flipkart

My story:-

I was not in the city for few days so my letter box was flooded with all the letters and small boxes of products for my reviews. From the tons of letters, my son pulls out an envelope which is little heavy than others. In utmost curiosity, I immediately open the envelope to see what's inside. A green book with few words on top it that immediately took me back to my childhood...those words are "half pants, Full pants and Paper Boat".

 I could have reviewed the book and gives thumbs up seeing just the first page of it where it is written: "this is a book about childhood, best enjoyed after you've left it behind." Those few words just touch my soul and gave me an entire flashback of my childhood within few seconds. The book that starts making you feel nostalgic from its first page then definitely it has some capability to show your childhood once again in front of you through its words and so it don't need any more review but then I thought it will be little rude and bad if I don't elaborate my feeling regarding this book as people might think am trying to be little bias with the book that I got as PR sample.

My experience:-

 It just give me a flashback of my days when I use to sit down every day in front of our television to see R K NARAYAN MALGUDI DAYS...our journey of childhood from our black and white television to colorful one, those lazy afternoons where we friends play together in field...those small fights during play, those anger of losing any game, those running trains far away during sunset...everything was in front of me in a seconds through these book's pages.

With every story, I pass by in this book take me back again and again to my childhood days. Sometimes I am into teary eyes remembering all those bittersweet memories of my life. Sometimes I simply laugh on my stupid act of childhood. Today in my busy life when I almost forgot who I was actually and what I always wanted to be in my childhood, HALF PANTS, FULL PANTS bring back those pages of my life once again giving a slight push to those thoughts and those secret pinky promises that I did to mysel.

At the end of the review of the book ...I must say I am not carried away by the book and so I am not biased at all but definitely, I am effected nicely after reading the book. I must admit that author beautifully recreates all the childhood memories once again after R K NARAYAN.

I am really thankful to PAPER BOATS and the author of this book  Mr. ANAND SUSPI who took the effort of bringing back to that childhood that is missing in this generation.

I am definitely going to pass this book to my son who belongs to this generation of gadget freak who never saw RK NARAYAN  Malgudi days, who never run behind a running train...who don't know the fun of playing in the field with friends during rain so that he can create his childhood memories through my pages of childhood in "half pants, full pants"...

So, if my review touches your soul then definitely grab these book from Flipkart which is really affordable in price and gift yourself or your loved ones their childhood memories that they already have or they might create new like my son. 

Love Sammy :*



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