Monday 26 June 2017


"Pour your heart out in those words which will remain unspoken forever"...

A few weeks back I received a woman's journal all from MATRIKAS STATIONARY. A creative woman journal with a beautiful cover.

A little more info about the Woman's Journal:-

  • Special Cover Material.
  • Screen printed.
  • Hard bound.
  • Round back & Round corner.
  • Creative single color inner.
  • Natural shade paper.
  • Satin Page Maker.
  • 8 Adult coloring pages.
  • Stickers for creative writing.
  • The pouch on the Back cover.
  • Elastic for safe locking.
  • Pen holder.

Price: - Rs. 450/-.
Pages:- 224
Size:- 14.7cmX20.5cm
Availability:- MATRIKAS website here and on Amazon.
More info on their Facebook page here 


My thoughts:- 

When I was in school I was addicted to writing diary which is why after growing up I decided to pour my thoughts on the internet and that's why I started blogging. Slowly and gradually my habit of noting down everything turns into a daily basis work.

Being a blogger I always look for some creative ideas, have loads of plans to follow and thousands of ideas to do on my blog and on my YouTube channel, so I always keep noting down to everything in a notebook that plays in my thoughts. Nowadays noting down everything in this journal is so much fun and creative.

 As the Journal comes up with some adult creative drawing pages so it helps me a lot during my stress period. I love to color those pages for the stress buster.

So, Writing will be never be boring with this creative journal. The outer cover is so attractive that one will tempt to touch it and open it for sure.
I basically love how carefully and creatively this journal has been created for us nothing will look boring.

Definitely, I am enjoying every bit of my work with this journal and if you are a person who loves to note down her every thought of life then why don't you grab one journal for you too? ;) 

That's all for today...see you soon.

Love Sammy :*

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