Thursday 22 March 2018

Review of Fab - 100x Washed Ghee

Hey Everyone,

Today I am going to talk about a very interesting skincare product which is named as "Fab - 100x Washed Ghee". 

Yes, it is a skincare product made up of only one ingredient that is "100% ghee". Sounds interesting right?

Let me share few lines from the owner of this "Fab - 100x Washed Ghee" brand:-

"Fab - 100x Washed Ghee is better known as ‘World’s Best Moisturizer’!

I guess most of you are unaware of its benefits, so let me tell you.

As per Ayurveda, Shata- Dhauta- Ghrita or 100x Washed Ghee is known to penetrate through the 7 layers of our skin ensuring you the maximum benefit! It has a very smooth and light – whipped butter consistency that your skin absorbs it without leaving any greasiness. 100x washed ghee has excellent anti-aging properties, cure acne, and scars, fades sun spots, heals burns and many other skin inflammations. And moreover, it suits all skin types and can be safely used on infants as well!

It might make me a bad businessman, but I am telling you that it can be prepared at home – all you have to do is wash Ghee for exactly 100 times. And the end result of this laborious effort is a super absorbing, non-comedogenic cream for your skin. But it can take 5-6 hours to do it properly as per Ayurveda. Hence, I chose to make it and sell them 😊 We use 100% pure and homemade ghee and use no additives and preservatives in it.

We sell it at ₹250 (including shipping charges) for 50 gms.

If you wish to buy, please DM me at to place your order."


Fab - 100x Washed Ghee comes in a plastic jar with a spill proof lid. It is 50gms of products. Simple packaging and travel-friendly one. Fab - 100x Washed Ghee smells totally like ghee.

My Experience:-
I received this Fab - 100x Washed Ghee as pr from the brand owner. She wants me to try and put my thought about it in front of you all.

50gms of Fab - 100x Washed Ghee is a huge amount compared to the amount of product is needed for my skin. Fab - 100x Washed Ghee melts like butter (oops I mean ghee!) on my skin. It keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated throughout the day. Amazing right? In fact, I was surprised seeing the after effect of this product. I applied this product just after coming out of the shower as it locks the moisture in my skin making it feel hydrated throughout the day. I have used so many brand's skincare products but nothing provides me that almost 16hours moisturization and hydration by the single application. It is perfect for everyone but especially for people who have dry skin or tends to have dry skin due to weather change or staying under air conditioner for a long time.

The cream claims to work best on wrinkles and on stretch marks. As I can't stand the smell of ghee in my skincare so I am right now avoiding it to use on my entire body. Instead of that, I have just started using this cream in two ways, one as a makeup remover and another way is I am using this cream for my stretch marks to see how it work on it. I will update you here if I get a good result.

As I just mentioned that the only drawback about this product that bothers me a lot is the smell of the product. As the product is made up of ghee so it smells like pure ghee and putting something on my skin and smells like ghee throughout the day is a bit tough for me (as I don't like the smell of ghee in my skincare product, it should be floral or fruity in fragrance). So, if the smell of the product is not an issue for you then definitely give it a shot for your skin.

That's all for today, see you in my next post.
Love Sammy :*


  1. Bahut soothing lag raha hai, as a super dry skin person mujhy aise hi products ki khoj rehti hai 😊
    Plz ek baat bataiye ki hum isme lavender essential oil mix karke rakhe to wo ghee wali smell kam aayegi na?
    Kyunki ghee ki smell sara din to bare nahi kar paungi

    1. Very soon they will be launching rose oil one so am waiting for that else u can try mixing essential oils.

    2. Hey, you can freely add a suitable essential oil for your skin :)

  2. Heyy!!!! I have a doubt!!! Is this suitable for acne prone skin??

  3. is this suitable for acne prone skin??


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