Tuesday 9 October 2018


 Hey everyone,

Today I am up with a collaboration video with my dear friend Malathi Shri and we together coming up with two different festive looks.
I created a Purple-Golden Eyes perfect for this festive season. So to watch it just keep on watching the video.

Malathi Sri video link:- https://youtu.be/1__0P9qGlEs


1.  First I am applying tape on both sides of my eye as I am planning to do some sharp outer V corner look.
2. Next, I am taking Maybelline age rewind concealer and I am applying it on both of my upper eyelid areas. Blending it with fingers as the warmth of finger will melt the concealer and blend it easily with the skin.
3. Now I am taking MORPHE 35B palette and from the palette, I took a light pink shade at first with a blending brush and applying it all over my crease line area.
4. Next, I am taking an off-white shade and am going to blend it with that pink shade on my crease line area and a little bit towards brow bone area. This process will help me to create a perfect transition eye look that I am planning to do for today.
5. Next, am taking a light brown shade from my contour palette which is from Anastasia and I am blending the shade with all those former shades.
6. I started depositing the brown shade more towards the outer v corner of my eye to create a depth of my eye.
7. Next, I took a deep violet shade from Morphe 35b palette and with a pencil brush I started to create an outer v corner with the shade.
8. I will start depositing the shade on outer v corner until I get my desired dark violet shade. Now moving towards the inner corner of the eye and I am going to do the same process in that area too with the same pencil brush.
9. Now I took Maybelline fit me concealer in shade 20 and am going to apply it on the middle part of my eye with the help of a flat brush creating an oval shape. Now as I am practicing this kind of halo look from pretty long time so I can create the shape with any brush but for beginners, I will suggest using a pencil brush while applying concealer on the middle part of the eye. I will start with half oval shape and then I will gradually create a half circle shape which will be equal to my eyeball diameter.
10. Now am taking the same dark violet shade once again and putting it on the edges of concealer to blend the harsh lines.
11. Next, I took my pat eyeshadow palette, this is my recent buy and I am stunned by seeing the pigmentation of the palette. Look how pretty it is...Anyway, I took the gold shade from the palette and apply it on top of my concealer using the same brush. I am dabbing the gold eyeshadows on top of the concealer.
12. Now once again I blend everything with the dark violet shade.
13. Again I took Morphe 35b palette and from that palette, I took the neon pink shade and blend everything on my crease line area with this shade.
14. For brows, I took Sigma Dark brow powder and with the help of Sigma E75 brow brush am filling and defining my eyebrows.
15. Next, I took a pale gold shade from Morphe palette and applied it on the high point of brow bone area.
16. Time to remove the tape and wipe off all the fallouts (if any).
17. For face today I took Lakme face primer and applied it all over my face with my hand. Hands are the best tool you see as the warmth of your hand actually blends the makeup in the skin with perfection.
18. For foundation, I took Sugar cosmetics stick foundation in shade 01 LATTE and blends it with a damp sponge from RT.
19. Again I took Maybelline fit me concealer to conceal mine under eye area. Again am using my hand with sponge combo just to blends the concealer fast.
20. Time for baking my face and I took Sugar cosmetics loose translucent powder and applied it all my sweaty area of the face along with under eye are and on my jaw area to create a sharp contour face.
21. Now for lower lashline area, I am using the same dark violet and golden shade combination to create the same look like my upper eyelid area.
22. Now to add little more glam to the look I took Stila liquid eyeshadow SMOULDERING SATIN and dab it on top of my golden eyeshadow on both of my upper eyelid area and on my lower lash line area.
23. Dusting off all the excess powder.
24. Now applying ARRESTED FOR OVERSTAY EYELINER from SUGAR COSMETICS on my upper lashline area.
25. Applying Maybelline colossal kajal on my lower waterline area.
26. For Lashes, I am using Maybelline big shot Mascara for my upper and lower lashes.
27. Added some false eyelashes and moving towards contouring my face using Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit.
28. For blush am using Elf blush palette in shade light.
29. For highlighting my cheekbone area am using FENTY BEAUTY TROPHY WIFE highlighter.
30. Followed by Prosecco Pop highlighter on the bridge of my nose, forehead and on my cupid bone from  Jaclyn Hill palette.
31. For lips, I lined and filled my lips with COLORBAR Creamy Nude lip liner followed by CT lipstick in shade Secret Salma.
32. Dabbing it with a tissue and then again reapplying the lipstick to make it lasts forever.
33. Now, this is my final look, and am adding a bindi some earrings to complete my festive look.
34. Tadaaaaaa am done... Hope you like the look and love the tutorial. I will see you soon in my next video. Until then stay beautiful and enjoy this festive season.

Love Sammy :*

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  1. Saw the video..you always do beautiful and versatile looks..loved the purple gold combo :)


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