Monday, 21 May 2018


Hi everyone,

Sugar cosmetics added a new kajal recently in their eye range which is named as "KOHL OF HONOUR INTENSE KAJAL".

Price:- Rs.249.- for 0.25gm
Availability:- Sugar cosmetics website.


The kajal comes in an abstract design carton box. The twist up the packaging of Kajal is easy to use and there is no wastage of product too.

My experience:-

The texture of the kajal is smooth. It glides smoothly on my waterline area. Coming to the pigmentation of the kajal, it is just is awesome. One swipe and you will get jet black kohl eyes.
The staying power of the kajal is really good. It stays pretty 5 hours on my oily lids without smudging. The kajal takes a bit time to turn complete matte for which it is very easy to work with this kajal during any smokey eye look. Once it dries up it turns complete matte and so I need a proper makeup remover to remove this kajal.

Overall I love this newly launched SUGAR COSMETICS "KOHL OF HONOUR INTENSE KAJAL" as this kajal is really affordable, jet black, and smudge proof kajal. 

That's all for today, See you in my next post.
Love Sammy :*


Wednesday, 16 May 2018



Hi Everyone,

So finally summer is here and today I am going to share one of my Summer HG product for my hair. Today I am going to talk about MAMA EARTH ARGAN HAIR MASK.

Before I start let me tell you that MAMA EARTH brand although curated products for MAMA and BABIES but their products are for everyone. So no matter whether you are a mama or a college goer this brand is for all.

Price:- Rs.599/- for 200 ml
Availability:- Nykaa, Mama earth website.


MAMA EARTH ARGAN HAIR MASK comes in a big plastic tub. The 200ml of the mask is quite huge in quantity and lasts at least 2-3 month depending on usage. The lid fits tightly and one need to twist the lid to open it. So it is a spill-proof packaging.

My Experience:-

MAMA EARTH ARGAN HAIR MASK is the mask that I was looking for a long time for my dry and dull hair. The mask work perfect for my dry and dull hair. The mask is white in color and smells awesome. A mild fragrance that soothes my sensitive nose. The texture of the mask is creamy and thick. One can use this mask as conditioner leaving 3-5mins on hair or as a hair mask for 15-20 mins on hair for a spa care. I usually use it as hair mask twice in a week. It makes my hair so soft and shiny that I love to touch it every time. As I sweat a lot so this spa effect stays two days in my hair from the day of wash. The mask actually changes the texture of my hair but I can't comment on how effective it is for hair fall treatment as I don't have much hair fall nowadays.

Overall I can say that this one hair mask in my hair care routine and I am sorted for this dry summer and dry winters of Delhi.

That's all for today. See you in my next post :)
Love Sammy :*

Sunday, 13 May 2018


Hi Everyone,

Nykaa has launched a new range of lipstick "MATTE TO LAST". I picked 6 shades out of 10.

Price:- Rs.550/- each for 4.5ml of product.
Availability:- Nykaa stores and Nykaa online store.

The shades I picked are:-

  3. KUDI
  4. BEGUM


Coming to the packaging the liquid lipstick, the lipstick comes in a transparent kind of packaging. The packaging looks similar to "NARS" lip color packaging. The wand is a doe-foot applicator for which it is easy to apply the lip color on lips. The doe foot applicator has many similarities like the mac retro matte liquid lip colors. The lip color is small(although it has 4.5ml of product)and it has very cute packaging. It is travel-friendly.

Coming to the shade description:-

  • Starting with Khoobsurat a beautiful neutral pink perfect for fair skin tone mostly.
  • Guwa hottie a warm terracotta brown which will look good in all skin tone.
  • Kudi a neon kind of fuchsia pink which will look good on fair skin tone mostly.
  • Begum a beautiful cool plum pink shade perfect for all skin tone. This one is my second fav shade after Guwa Hottie.
  • Maharani a dark red shade perfect for all skin tone.
  • And at last Mishti, a beautiful pinkish red shade which will look good across all skin tone.

My Experience:-
Nykaa is a brand which was always like hit or miss kind of brand for me. So I was not expecting much from this liquid lip colors. But the moment I swatched these lip color in stores I like the texture of these lipsticks. The texture has moouse kind of consistency. It is easy to apply.

Coming to the pigmentation of these liquid lipsticks, these are medium pigmented. The lighter shades need 3-4 swipes to get that opaque coverage on lips while darker shade is easy to work with. The darker shades need 2-3 swipes to get the coverage.

Moving on to the staying power, the lipstick stays 4-5 hours on my lips. These are transfer-proof but if you rub your fingers on lips the color comes out. They don't transfer on cups or glasses but if you eat something they fade a bit. The dark shade remains as a stain on my lips even after fading while this feature is missing in lighter shades.

The lipstick takes a bit time to become complete matte so you should be careful that you don't eat or drink anything just after the application of lipstick. The lipstick is very easy to remove. Simple wet wipes can remove all traces of color.

Overall the lipsticks are okayish kind off for me. And definitely, I will say I like them as these come as the second preference in my liquid matte lipsticks lists from drugstore brand after Sugar Cosmetics. 


That's all for today. See you in my next post.
Love Sammy :*

Thursday, 10 May 2018



Today I am up to be GLAMM and to share my thoughts over GLAMM... by the way...Did I mentioned that I am talking about 'A REVOLUTIONARY MAKEUP BRAND "MYGLAMM" ON MY BLOG TODAY?'.

Well, 'MyGamm' is a makeup brand crafted in Europe. It is a multi-functional makeup brand.

I was eyeing on this brand for a long time and I was really curious to try out their product especially after I got the nail enamel duo(showed here)  in my VANITY CASK subscription box.

So when the brand approached me I was really happy that I got the opportunity to review their products. And they send me their most famous three makeup products for review purpose.

I got:-
1.  Stay Defined: 2 in 1 Liquid Eyeliner + HD Brow Powder
2. Perfect Curves: Chubby matte lipstick
3. Chisel It - Show Stopper: 3 in 1 Highlighter + Blush + Bronzer

1. Stay Defined: 2 in 1 Liquid Eyeliner + HD Brow Powder:-

A pen-style liquid liner that doesn't fade, flake or smudge for a dramatic line combined with HD Brow Powders to shape and add color to your brows for a complete and full finished look.

Price:- Rs.1095/-
Availability:- MYGLAMM website.

Stay defined is a dual-ended makeup product where one side of it has eyeliner and other side have brow powder. Due to packaging, the product is travel-friendly. Both the wand of brow powder and eyeliner is just perfect to fill up the thin eyebrows and draw neat eyeliner look on eyelid area respectively.


Liquid Eyeliner - Ebony is a jet black eyeliner
HD Brow Powder -Walnut is a natural brown colored eyebrow powder

A pen-style liquid liner that doesn't fade, flake or smudge for a dramatic line combined with HD Brow Powders to shape and add color to your brows for a complete and full finished look.


Liquid Liner:
  •     Matte finish with high coverage
  •     Waterproof, quick drying, extreme smudge-proof, sweat-proof
  •     Lasts all day, suitable for hot & humid climates
  •     The excellent color payoff for an even & playful lining

Brow Powder:

  •     Natural powder finish, natural to dramatic
  •     Extremely soft, super gliding and easy to blend
  •     Super long wear
  •     Suits for any skin type. Flattering on all skin tones

Enhanced Properties

  •     Free of parabens, IPBC, formaldehyde releasing compounds
  •     Cruelty-Free, Not Tested on Animals
  •     Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested & approved.

My Experience:-

 Starting with the Brow powder, the brow powder is damn pigmented. So one should be very careful while drawing the stroke on thin eyebrows. The brow powder has no fall outs and it stays intact even in sweat. So definitely it is a sweat-proof brow powder.

I have very thin eyebrows and so I always struggle to give that natural broad eyebrow look but failed most of the time. Stay Defined: 2 in 1 Liquid Eyeliner + HD Brow Powder actually made my this job easier. One stroke and bammmm! you are just done in that area.

Moving on to eyeliner, the eyeliner is jet black matte eyeliner. If you are looking for some jet black matte eyeliner then your search for that eyeliner ends here. The eyeliner is super pigmented. One swipe and the color is just banged on. It is smudge-proof, sweat-proof. It is easy to remove but as long as you kept it on eyelid it will stay intact there.

Overall this one product is just perfect for all skin tone. The color of the brow powder is so versatile one that if you use light handed then it is perfect for light/dark brown eyebrow hair and if you use it little more it will go perfectly on light/dark black eyebrow hair.

"I always love to have my eyebrows to the point and bold liner look in my eyes and with this Stay Defined: 2 in 1 Liquid Eyeliner + HD Brow Powder I can achieve both now".


2.Perfect Curves: Chubby matte lipstick:-

An expertly curated collection of hydrating creamy matte lipsticks, these playful pencils give you lipstick and liner in a finish that lasts. Our ultra-smooth cream lipstick delivers intensely saturated color with just one swipe. Designed to define, enhance and shape your lips, Perfect Curves lipsticks are enriched with natural oils to nourish and condition your pout on the go!

Price:- Rs.795/-
Availability:- MYGLAMM website.


An expertly curated collection of hydrating creamy matte lipsticks, these playful pencils give you lipstick and liner in a finish that lasts. Our ultra-smooth cream lipstick delivers intensely saturated color with just one swipe. Designed to define, enhance and shape your lips, Perfect Curves lipsticks are enriched with natural oils to nourish and condition your pout on the go!


  •     Matte Finish
  •     Full coverage & Long-wearing
  •     Moisturizing & Lightweight
  •     Available in 8 shades
  •     Slim bullet design allows for easy and precise application on the go
  •     Suitable as a base coat for lipstick
  •     Available in 8 flattering shades curated for Indian skin tones

Enhanced Properties

  •     Enriched with tropical plant and Argan oil for conditioning, moisturizing and nourishing benefits
  •     Free from parabens and preservatives, D5, Mineral Oils, Nano Ingredients
  •     Cruelty-free, no animal testing.

How to use it:-

  • Apply it from the center of the lips and move outwards, then fill in the edges with lip liner moving from the corners to the center of the lips.
  •     Use Perfect Curves as a base with any other lip product to makes your color wear much longer. It glides on super easy and stays put!

Note: If you have dry lips, we recommend prepping them first with the Scrubilicious Lip Scrub & Colour Enhancer to give you a smooth finish prior to application of the Matte Chubby Stick.

My Experience:-
After so many brands have this chubby lipstick range I was at not expecting much from this lipstick. But the moment I started applying it on my lips the first thing I noticed that how it glides smoothly on my chapped lips giving it a smooth finish on my lips

The packaging of the lipstick is sleek. One had to twist up the bottom to take out the lipsticks which are really convenient. The chubby lipsticks are true to its claim, it glides perfectly on my lip curves lining my lips and filling it properly.

The PERFECT CURVES  chubby lipstick is available in 8 beautiful shades in which I got the shade Biscotti, which is a muted Peach Brown shade. A perfect shade for fair to medium skin tone. The lipstick is comfort matte on lips and stays 5 hours on my lips. These are not transfer-proof but they don't transfer insanely in cups or glasses. Neither they fade away entirely after you eat or drink something. 

"I love the shade that I got. I love the texture of the lipstick and due to its sleek packaging, it is easy to do touch up and it can carry anywhere".

3. Chisel It - Show Stopper: 3 in 1 Highlighter + Blush + Bronzer :-

Availability:- MYGLAMM website

Chisel It - 3 in 1 Highlighter + Blush + Bronzer comes in two shades, SHOW STOPPER(perfect for fair skin tone beauties) and GAME FACE(perfect for medium to dusky skin beauties).

I received the shade SHOWSTOPPER where the Highlighter is named as Champagne which is a golden highlighter, Blush is named Bohemian which is a peach blush and the Bronzer named Chestnut which is a light brown bronzer.


A buildable trio that includes a bronzer, blush, and highlighter that imparts color for a naturally flushed look. In varying levels of intensity, taking you from day to night - from an everyday, wearable blush to a dramatic sculpted look or a more intense evening glow.


  •     Buildable coverage
  •     Luminous and silky
  •     Lightweight formula blends effortlessly for an even finish

  • Bronzer  Finish: Matte
  • Blush Finish: Matte
  • Highlighter: Ultra-Shimmery
  • Suits for any skin type. Flattering on all skin tones.

Enhanced Properties

  •     Advanced Optical Technology that helps blur imperfections and provides a natural, flattering and radiant glow.
  •     Cruelty-free and free of nano-ingredients, parabens, silicon, mineral oil, preservatives, and fragrance.

How to use it:-


Collect a small amount of product with a face powder brush, such as the MyGlamm Chisel It Blush Brush. Sweep this pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards along cheekbones, blending inward on the face.


Collect the bronzer with a Powder Brush. Using circular motions, pass the brush over the compact. Apply the product by gently blending it onto the face, neck, and neckline.


Sweep the highlighters over your cheekbones, dab it onto your lids for a pop of color, or apply it to your shoulders for a luminous glow.

Blend delicately with fingertips.

My Experience:-

First of all the packaging of the "Chisel It" palette is beautiful. I was just starring at the palette for at least two days (lol!)

The mirrored golden case of the palette is so glam and classy. Although the case is prone to fingerprints impression which might make the palette look dirty but once you clean it with just a cotton cloth it is back to new again.

Moving on to my experience the "Chisel It" palette consists of a highlighter, blush, and bronzer. The texture of all three is super smooth. They blend effortlessly on my skin. All the powder are super pigmented so one has to be careful especially while applying the blush and bronzer. The staying power of all three is pretty good.

"Overall 'Chisel It' palette is a well pigmented, face palette and due to presence of highlighter, blush and bronzer in one palette, it is a
travel-friendly palette too ".

My conclusion:-

"I really love all the products that I got. They just stand out more than I expected. MyGlamm is one makeup brand that comes up with this unique travel-friendly idea which is really appreciating. A perfect brand with some awesome quality of the products for all skin tones."

 I would definitely recommend you to try out this brand. In fact, I am planning to get the face powder duo too :)

 That's all for today. See you in my next post.
Love Sammy :*