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This is a personal blog where I do reviews mostly about makeup, skincare and anything related to beauty & fashion.

Please Note:- Although it is a PR friendly blog but my opinion will be always honest regarding any product sent by the brand.
For any question or queries, you can contact

For PR/companies for product reviews or samples:-
I accept both paid or non-paid reviews (based on samples send by the brand). Right now I am accepting mostly any product related to makeup and beauty or skin care by the brand for review purpose. The product can be sample size but it should be fair enough to try it before I post a review. Any makeup product will be reviewed within 1-2 weeks whereas any skin care product needs 4-5 weeks before I post a review on it. In the case of paid reviews, advance payment is mandatory before the post go up. No half payment will be accepted.
You can mail me for details on or

For Attending Event:
I do attend event on paid/ non-paid (in case I receive some goodies from the brand)basis mostly. For now, I am based in Noida, so it will be easy for me to attend an event near to my area. I do store/online reviews on the basis of paid/ free samples. Feel free to contact me.

For Guest Post:-
Currently, the blog is not hiring or taking any guest post. If it ever did it will be on paid or friendly gesture basis. If you want to write for makeup and beauty as a guest blogger (non-payment basis) then you are always welcome, but depending on post quality and topic I have full right to cancel any post of yours in this blog. 

I am open to guest blogging on other friendly blogs on the basis of paid/free sample reviewing purpose. I have done loads of guest blogging on my friend's blog on paid/free sample reviewing basis. So, if you want me to feature me on you blog kindly mail me :)
You can check out my list of Guest Blogging posts here 

For YouTube videos:-
I have a YouTube channel which is just started, where I share my makeup tutorials mostly. Recently my channel is open for paid/PR sample reviews too. So you can contact me for paid reviews or any PR samples review.

I accept payment through PayPal and few Indian bank only. If you don't have any above mention then kindly mail me, we can sort it out in another way.

My policy declaration:-

  1. All the products are bought by my own money unless and until I mention it as a PR sample.
  2. It is totally my personal blog where I share/shout out for any product. Therefore, I should not be held responsible for any product that reacts differently on your skin. Kindly try all product at your own responsibility.
  3. My reviews will be always honest as I respect my readers. I have full right to cancel any post at any moment if I think it doesn't fit into my principles.
  4. I do only pay basis "Press Release" post (which is a written post along with some images from their website send by brand just to publish on my blog on paid basis only).
  5. The AdSense are held by google and I am not responsible for any ad display on sidebar and bottom of my blog. I haven't use any product displaying on add section of my blog. So, I should not be held responsible for any add displaying on my blog.
  6. All the images used on this blog are clicked by me only unless I mention the source of it.
  7. Any pictures taken from google will be noted below at the end of post giving credit to the source.
  8. I don't allow anyone to use any images from this blog without my permission or written consent.
  9. My comment section of the blog is open for any suggestion or comments or greetings only. I don't tolerate any hate comment in my blog, as it will spread negative vibes on my blog which I don't want. So any comment full of negativity or rude or hate will be removed from the blog site.
  10. I have full right to publish or delete any comment in this blog.

I do accept paid advertisement but it will only on sidebar and bottom of my blog only. You contact me on

Extra feature:-

Although the blog is a makeup and beauty blog but now it turning it interests on travel/ food/reviewing any app and anything that is interesting. so, if you have any unique idea or post that need a shout out you can contact me.

My blog pictures are all taken by my cannon digital camera. I took the pictures in daylight only.

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    didi..m from RAIGANJ (uttar dinajpur).. a small town in north bengal.. i visited ur blog and it inspired me a lot.. but i know nothing about online shopping.. can u plz tell me the process to buy things online... and the best site to buy cosmetics nd the other stuffs??

    1. Hi dear...please mail me to .I will help you :)


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