Thursday 23 June 2016

How to know expiry date of Mac product by batch code:-

Hi Friends,

Today's post is a very interesting post. I know it is much-needed post for everyone who wants to buy Mac products/ lipsticks either from Store or seller or reseller.

Nowadays blog sale is so much increased and people mostly re-selling Mac products/Lipsticks that people do get confused a lot that whether the products are within expiry or not...

 I am an impulsive buyer and do sell a lot. Sometimes I had to check my mac product/ Lipstick box again and again to remember all the expiry date of products/ lipsticks. It is really hectic and tiring too. So I usually search all the website on google that mostly help out to know the expiry date of my all Mac products. But again if you need to know the expiry date of Mac products/lipsticks immediately you had to go to that site, see the options and choose and decide which is time-consuming.

As I mostly post reviews over Mac Lipstick/ products so I used to get asked by many people that what and how to understand the expiry date of Mac product/ lipsticks if there is no information written on its box.

So, today I am going to share a very easy way to check the expiry date of Mac product/Lipsticks by its batch code. It is a simple table, you just need to remind it once and then you can check your Mac product/ lipstick expiry by just seeing its batch code.

You can find out the batch code of every Mac product either on its box or at its back (in case of blush) or at bottom (in case of lipsticks, foundation, concealer etc.)

Two type of batch code are there, one is "letter-letter-digit" and other is "letter-digit-digit" . Leaving these two type no other pattern of batch code has been made by Mac cosmetics(as per my notice).

Here are the pictures of few mac products with their batch code just to give you an idea.


The bottom of every Mac product has a batch code like "A13" or "AB4". So the first letter of batch code indicates the 'batch' of the manufacturer, the second letter indicates the month of a manufacturer and last digit indicate it's year of manufacturer.

Let me elaborate:

The first letter of Mac lipsticks if A/B/C then :
A-means first batch of manufacturer/ batch 1
B-means second batch of manufacturer/ batch 2
C-means third batch of manufacturer/ batch 3

The second letter of Mac lipstick is the name of the month...

And the last letter is the year of manufacturer. Now only "4" or "5" means it can be 2004/ 2014 or 2005/2015. So, in this case, to remove the confusion just find out the year of launching of that collection from (if it is limited edition) then you can guess the expiry from that too. 

Generally, a mac product expires after 3-4 years of the manufacturer so from the last digit of the batch code, you can count the year of expiry of that product.

But, if it is from permanent line then there will be little risk if you buy from any seller or reseller as mac do have few hit products from ages. So, in that case, my suggestion is when you can get permanent lipsticks/products from a store then try to buy from there only else buy from only reliable and trusted sellers.

So, that's all for today...I hope my post will help you all to find out the expiry date of mac products easily by yourself without taking help from anyone ;)

See you in my next post!


  1. my latest purchase- vibe tribe collection lipstick bar code - AC5 - acc to this it is manufactured in batch 1 of Dec 2015- Omg... I can't believe it...u made life much easier! bookmarking this some cases. i found this wrong as well..for eg; chris chang collection the bar codes look wrong to me...

    1. we dunno how reliable it is..vibe tribe was launched last month in US. I purchased from US. as per the dates - It was made in DEC- I don't think the collab was even announced then... it's kind of weird when this calc come to limited editions

    2. Sweetie, yeah i agree in few cases it might not work that's why i said to keep eye on collection launching date. Yeah might be it is weird regarding calculating the le, but buying from reliable place i think you can definitely ignore my post here :) Where as it will fit most of the mac products :)

      Between, thank you so much for liking the post :)

  2. Hey thank you for liking it dear :) thank you :)

  3. I bought mac lip scrup todãy
    But the outer box got the sticker denoting the mnufcture dte it was in 2017
    But the container bottom has the code A18
    Which 1 should i consider?

  4. Hey my mac lipstick has code CC7 .. How can i read this?


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