Friday 24 June 2016

Review and Swatches of Colourpop matte X Range Lippie Stix

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Today's post is going to be another interesting one as it is the much-requested post by my readers. Yes, the topic already says everything that what I am going to share in my post today...It's all about review and swatches of COLOURPOP COSMETICS MATTE X-RANGE LIPPIE STIX.

A little info about ColourPop Cosmetics for those who are unknown of this brand:-

A brand that grows up in the city of angels, LA. They come up with a wide range of matte liquid lippies( both matte and satin and now metallic too) and eye shadows and highlighters followed by lippie stix and eyebrow pencils and gels and so on. Slowly they are increasing their range of products and they already created much hype in the beauty blogging and in makeup lovers world.

As today's post is all about lippie stix from their matte X range so I am focusing on this particular product today ;)

The first lippie stix that was launched in Matte X-range by ColourPop was "TRUST ME" which according to many is the dupe of Mac cult red shade "Ruby Woo". As ColourPop already had a different Matte range so they named this new formula lippie stix as Matte X-range.  ColourPop launches their second lippie stix "Poppin" after "Trust me". Both the shades were limited edition at first but may be due to so much raving about this particular Matte x-range lippie stix that Colour Pop decided to make this range permanent and they come up with 12 beautiful shades along "Trust Me" and "Poppin".

Price:-  $5 + shipping.

Availability:-  Not available in India. But you can definitely check with Instagram sellers who selling this range in approx. Rs.630-Rs.700/-.

My Story:-

When ColourPop releases their first Matte X-range lippie stix in shade Trust me and Poppin, I grab it without giving a second thought as I am a big fan of Matte lipstick. And when they launch 14 beautiful shades making "trust me" and "Poppin" as permanent I again grab six lippie stix from this Matte X- range. 


The lippie stix comes in white sleek packaging with the name and color of the lippie stix at the bottom of it. The lipstick is slim and has a slanting tip which made the application easy on lips. Due to its slim packaging, it is too easy to carry in your small purse too, so next time I am traveling I will make sure I reach out for these lippies only ;)

My experience:-

The lippie stix is so slim and due to it's slanting tip it is very easy to apply on lips. It doesn't require any lipliner to line the lips as you can line and fill up your lips with this lippie stix only. The pigmentation of each lipstick is worth mentioning. One or two swipe is enough to cover up your lips. Although it is a matte X range but still it is quite comfortable on my lips. It glides smoothly on my lips and no tugging or pulling. The lipstick does transfer a bit but still it highly stain the lips which are why it look quite okay even after transferring. The lipsticks stay intact for 6 hours plus along with heavy meals. The dark shades survive little more than the lighter shades. Although a heavy oily meal or after six hours of application the lipstick fades from the center of lips which look a bit tacky. So, re-application is suggested. The lipstick might dry out a bit after an hour of application but still, I found quite comfortable on my lips. It doesn't bleed. Dry lips people need to pre-moisturize their lips with lip balm or prime their lips with a lip primer (which I will review it soon).

So, here are thumbs up and thumbs down points:-

Thumbs up-

  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Pigmented.
  • Easy to apply on lips.
  • Non-drying.
  • Perfect matte lipstick.
  • Lasts six hours plus.
  • Easy on the pocket.

Thumbs down -
Not available in India.

"Over in all, I love ColourPop Lippie stix of Matte X-range as they are easy in the pocket and comfortable on my lips."

So, here are the swatches of all 8 beautiful shades of COLOURPOP MATTE X-RANGE LIPPIE STIX.

My FOTD with Trust me.

 I know you people always saw me in pink and red and neutrals but this time, I try to get out of my comfort zone and try something different. My FOTD with ColourPop Chateau on my lips ;)

Hope you like today's post :)

Still not satisfied?
check out my lip swatches video here or below  :)

I will see you soon in my next ColourPop(here) post :)
Love Sammy.


  1. I love..I love all of them! So good review !

  2. Omg..these are so gorgeous.. i want to get but i dont want to pay extra to the Instagram sellers. Got to find an alternate way 😊

    1. Seriously they are so gorgeous agni...but yeah that paying extra is a pain. Do let me know too if you find any alternative way 😊😉


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