Monday 3 September 2012

My foot care !

Foot is one of the most important part of our beauty regime.If you dressed well ,accessorize yourself nicely but having cracked feet ???? a big NO ! NO !
Today i am going to reveal my foot care which is really very short and simple and quite effective one .
This are the two products that i use:-

  • Oriflame Foot care pumice brush
  • Oriflame feet-up cracked foot cream
Now my routine :-
  •  It is very simple.Everyday during bath at night i first keep my feet on lukewarm water for 5mins than rub my heel with the pumice side of the brush and then i take a small amount of body wash on the brush side and rub my entire leg with it.
  • Next i applied the foot cream on my heels and those dried part of my feet just before going to bed and leave overnight.
I follow this routine every single day and i got my desired soft heels in just one month.i am these two product from last winter and i loving it :)

My ratings to both the product:-5 out of 5.

See you in my next article !
Have a happy feet !!!  :D


  1. Good gurl Samannita! :)
    Me too lazy to warm water first...then dip my feet!lol i jus scrub them wen I go fr shower..:)
    need to straighten up! :)

  2. @ruby even am too lazy lol but i have geyser so that make easy for me to warm water :)

  3. awesome gal.... seems like nice product ;)

  4. hearing a lot of good things abt oriflame foot cream.....


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