Monday 3 September 2012

My makeup brushes !

Hello everyone,
 As i used to follow many blogs i found that many bloggers have atleast one post regarding their makeup brushes, so i thought i should have atleast one of my post dedicated to my makeup brushes :)

I read lots of reviews regarding Vega makeup brushes but i have always a soft corner for Oriflame so i thought to gave a try to Oriflame makeup brushes.(promising to myself that next time my brushes will be from Vega as i read somewhere that we should change our makeup brushes after 1 year !)

Okay here is the picture of my Oriflame brushes.i grab them all in different months in discounts.

Starting from right of you ( i know its a wrong side but it is my mistake that i note down the name of the brushes from wrong side)
Oriflame beauty Matt perfection brush
Professional double ended eyeshadow brush
Professional blending brush
Oriflame highlighter brush
Professional foundation brush
Professional Eyebrow brush.
Here are some more pictures of my brushes !!!

I am using these brushes from past 2 months and i must say they are wonderful.little expensive but if brought in discount then they worth a try !
Do you have any brushes from Oriflame?or would you like to try it ?
Feel free to post.
Will meet you in my next post !
Ciao :)


  1. Wow! I still got to buy a couple of brushes fr me :(
    U've got a decent collection Samannita :)

  2. Nice one Samannita.. even i want to use Oriflame now.:)
    I have used bare essentials and Vega thogh.:)

    1. Hi niesha ,yes you can try this ...oriflame brushes are really nice :)

  3. nice collection.. i unfortunately "broke" my blending brush.. eyeing the vega 015 & 014's.. nice blog u have got dear.. :) i am from


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