Wednesday 24 June 2015

Pink and lime green eye makeup tutorial:-

Hey all,

Here I am up today with another easy-peasy eye makeup tutorial that I did just few days back and I got loads of requests from my friends and followers to do a tutorial on this look…heheee..i know i am always late when I have to post a tutorial as when it’s tutorial I am a lazy one but this time I decided I will start posting some tutorials for you all at regular interval …and here I am …

In this tutorial I focus on eye makeup only as I already described how I do my rest of makeup with lips here 

Okay so here are the step by step tutorial:-

Moisturize your eyes with moisturizer before we start.

Next apply eye primer on eye lids just to pop up the eye shadow little more.

Then I took a Pinkish violet eye shadow from sleek vintage romance eye shadow palette.

And apply that eye shadow on the crease line first with a blending brush and blend blend blend. And then apply the same eye shadow to outer 'V' corner of eye too.

Apply a dark brown matte eyeshadow over the pink eye shadow on outer 'v' corner of eye.

Then I took a lime green shimmer eye shadow from the palette sleek rio rio 

And apply it on the entire eye lid and blend it with the pink eye shadow on the crease line.

Now take a clean blending brush and blend all the harsh edges of eye shadows.      

Now take a Champagne shade (I took the shade from the balm Mary Lou Manizer) and apply it on my brow bone area.

Fill up the gaps of my eye brows with a eye brow pencil matching my brow hair color and making it more prominent.

Then I took a small oval shaped eye shadow brush and blend the eye brow pencil strokes on my eye brow area with that …It is necessary to blend the strokes as it look more natural brows.

Next I took a Khaki shade eye pencil from Maybelline vivid smooth and apply it close to my upper eye lash line and making it little winged.

Next tight lining my upper and lower lash line with a black eye pencil, I use Maybelline colossal kajal.

Then I took a beautiful dark green shade from Faces eye pencil in shade forest green and apply it on my lower lash line. (Note: don’t apply it on your waterline as these pencils are not suited for waterline so apply only on lash line)

Apply loads of mascara on upper and lower lash. I use L'Oreal mascara here.

Now last trick …take a wet wipes and remove all the excess fallout on your under eye in an angular way…and stroke it out in outward direction as shown in the picture. As this will help to create a sharped look of the eye shadows on eye and also help you to remove all your mistakes and you are ready to apply concealer on the under eye too in next level :)

Ta daaa my eye makeup is done.

For lips i used Chambor extreme matte lipstick in shade exotic fuchsia. 

And here are the pictures of rest of products that i use to create the look apart from first two eye shadow palettes  :)

And finally here is the look that I created …

I hope you like my tutorials and found it little helpful. 

Remember one thing we all do mistakes in makeup but only matters how we rectify it with tricks so that nobody can guess ;)

That’s all for today and oh yes my 1000 likes facebook international giveaway is going on in my blog here do participate if you want :)
So, do you like my tutorial? Is it helpful? Do comment below as I love to read your all comments.

See you in my next post and that too pretty soon :)



  1. Wow wow wow wow..
    U explained it soo well..
    loved the tutorial
    Fotd r v pretty....
    I would love to try..

    1. Tejinder thank you and thanks for telling me what is good way of posting a are my true reader , follower friends, sister and bestieeeeeeeeeee :-* so this time i follow your ways of posting :) thank you thank you very much for your lovely comment :-* :-*

  2. Wow wow wow wow..
    U explained it soo well..
    loved the tutorial
    Fotd r v pretty....
    I would love to try..

  3. such a helpful tutorial.. u totally nailed the look... looking very pretty dear :)

    1. Supriya thank you sweetie , thank you for liking it and took out time to commenting here :) :-*

  4. green looks beautiful on ur eyes....beautiful look!


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