Monday 15 June 2015

Taylor Swift Inspired Makeup tutorial !

Hey girls,
It’s being long that I keep you all waiting for this particular tutorial post and I am really sorry for that…

But better late than never like I always say so here I am up with the tutorial posts…yes a detailed tutorial post for you all as I am getting many request for my Makeup tutorials. I am really thankful to all of you for liking my makeup and asking for tutorials as it means lot to me. I am still a learner and I always try to create a look with those products that are easy to use and easy to grab. It is not necessary to have the same brand that I use for the tutorial, you can always go for as per your choice just keep the shades on mind…

So without much more wasting time …here we go …I although wrote the steps on picture but as the front is short so i am writing it here as stepwise so that it will be easy for you all to understand :)

Step 1: Moisturize and prime your eye lids.
Step 2: Starting with a dark brow eyeshadow and blend it in your crease line with a blending brush.
Step 3:take a light brown eyeshadow and blend it over the previous dark brown eye shadow on the crease. It will give definition to your crease.
Step 4:Highlight your brow bone area with a champgne shade.
Step 5: fill up your brows with a eye brow pencil or eye brow gel as per your choice.
Step 6:Take a golden eyeshadow and apply it on the inner 3/4 part of the lid.
Step 7: take a bronze eyeshadow and apply over the top of the golden eyeshadow on the same 3/4 part of the eyelid.
Step 8: take the first dark brown eyeshadow and create a light "V" shape on the outer corner of eye and blend it with the golden bronze eyeshadow.
Step 9: Apply a liquid black liner on your upper lash line and create the winged liner.
Step 10: Apply a black gel liner over the top of liquid liner on the upper lash line just to create a more intense black winged liner.
Step 11: Apply white eye pencil on waterline.
Step 12: Take the first dark brown eyeshadow and apply just near your lower lash line with a thin eye brush. and smudge it a bit.
Step 13: Take a matte black eyeshadow on a flat slim eyeshadow brush and just dab the shadow throughout the lower lash line with the brush...don't rub, just dab.
Step 14: Apply loads of mascara on upper and lower lash line.
Step 15: Finally apply a concealer on under eye after completing the eye makeup and apply a translucent powder to set it.

For lips:
Step 1: Prime or moisturize your lips first.
Step 2: apply foundation or a nude lip pencil on entire of your lip and fill it.
Step 3: Apply a red lip liner just to outline your lip over the nude lip liner.
step 4: Apply the red lipstick over the top of it and blend it properly with your lip liner with a lip brush.
Step 5: apply a thin line of concealer just as outline of your lips and blend. It will make your red lips more prominent.

Finally I applied pressed powder, blush , highlighter and contour my face too. And am done.

[Please be patient as it is a picture heavy post might take some time to load...:( ]

And here is the final lips !!!

And finally it’s me posing a lot …lol…am selfie addicted !!!

Finally here are pictures of the products that i use in creating the look just for reference.

Sorry, I forgot to put the blending brush on above picture so i click it with my other products !

I just hope you like my tutorial and found it useful. Do try it and let me know how you like it :) and do comment below if you want me to do tutorial for any particular look that I created or some other look you want?...I love to try my level best to make it for your all :)

So for today, putting my pen down …see you soon I my next post :)
Love you all,


  1. Awesome post..well explained. ..
    lovely ...beautiful fotd's. ..

    1. Thank you Teju , It is a great feeling always getting first comment from you :)

  2. You look great Samannita.. The lipstick shade is so pretty..

    1. Thank you dear for commenting nd visiting my blog too :) thank you for liking my post :)


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