Tuesday 7 July 2015

Makeup with Colored liner:-

Hello everyone,
How’s you all? Well, today my post is regarding another makeup with a colored eye liner. After experimenting with white eye liner and green glittery liner here and here I found it pretty fun to experiment with my colored liner and so today it’s my turquoise liner… we often tempted to buy colored eye liner but after buying it lay untouched in out stash as either we don’t have any occasion to wear it (mostly think like that) or they are too bold to wear every day. 

So here is the post which will help you to use your all those untouched bold eye pencils that you scared to use on regular basis.
Yes I am going to show you how you can use ay bold liner (here I use turquoise liner) without showing yourself too much dramatic.
On my upper lid I use two similar shades of bronze, one dark shade that is for outer “v” corner of eye and one light shimmery shade that is for inner 3/4th of lid  so that both the shades makes your lids look neutral as we going to add dash of color on our waterline. On waterline I used my turquoise eye pencil.

Okay, many of my followers ask me “how mine turquoise liner look so pop up where as it don’t stay much like mine or never pop up like mine….”????  

So here is a trick, I applied the liner first direct with the pencil on my waterline then smudge it with the Q-tip a bit. Once it smudged I again took the pencil and run through my waterline along with the smudged area. This will make your eyeliner stay long and pop up on your waterline.

Next step is an orange lips always look good when you have neutrals eyes but sometime a pop of color on waterline is also not a bad idea. I did this look with turquoise liner only but you can go with other vibrant purple or teal or green or any bold liner like I told earlier.

For reference:-
I use Maybelline turquoise eye pencil.
On my lips; first I applied Colorbar just coral lip liner on entire lips followed by Colorbar matte lipstick in tempted.

So here are the pictures of my makeup look that I did first with a straight hair look and next is same look with messy bun and with beach-wave hairstyle look. Just go as you feel…

So here I am dropping my pen waiting for some comments from my readers about how they feel about this post. So drop your comments below about this look :)

Sammy :)


  1. Oh dear! You look impeccable!The blue eyes and orange lips reminds me of Sonam Kapoor's look for cannes, only your's is better.

    1. Oh wow...thanks dear :D hehee ohh yes i saw sonam kapoor's look for cannes ...hehe it is a big compliment for me :) Thank you sweetie :-*


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