Sunday 9 August 2015

Heating up by Mac Lipstick Steam heat:-

Hello to all gorgeous ladies,
A lovely lipstick with beautiful packaging is just got ready for review today. It’s all from my favorite brand Mac cosmetics from their Mac Wash & Dry collection of 2015. The collection name remind me of Laundry kind of thing. But cosmetics with Laundry? Errrrrrrrr…..out of my head….

Anyways, here’s the pretty beauty ready to rock on…

A small info about the lipsticks from this collection:-

Lipstick is perfect for a domestic goddess in vivid tomato red or true orange, while peachy coral and pink-beige keep the look light and crisp. Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips. The iconic product that made M∙A∙C famous. Features specially designed packaging.
The packaging ….Oh Jesus! I can die for it… the colorful pretty summery kind of packaging just win the hearts of many. Although Mac is making us bored by coming up with same kind of shades again and again. I admit, it is just for the packaging that I decide to grab at least one thing from this collection and so grab the lipstick.

Honestly the lipsticks are the only thing that was lowest in price in this collection and all the shades of lipsticks are pretty dupable. So, basically leaving the limited edition packaging there is no point to grab the shade. :(

Price: - Rs.1600/-

Among the four lipsticks two were from permanent range and two are limited edition. Steam heat is one of the two shade which is a limited edition shade. It is described by Mac as vivid yellow red in satin texture. One swipe is enough to give an opaque coverage.

Basically  I love the matte and satin range of Mac mostly as I found both the texture of the lipstick are near about matte which is just my favorite texture. But I found particularly this lipstick “Steam heat” is little bit creamier than usual satin one. The lipstick definitely an add-on to your lipstick stash for packaging only (i know i am repeating the same word agin and !) or if you don’t have any vivid yellow red lipstick till now.

 The vanilla scent of the lipstick of Mac is definitely a thumbs up point for those people blessed with sensitive nose like I am…lol …And above all …It’s Mac limited edition so …yes, I proudly grab it …: P
The staying power of lipstick is undoubtedly good. I know when it is Mac it is worthless talking about staying power as the matte and satin and amplified range always stay best on me always.

Dupe Alert :-
Faces lipstick in Passion. You can check the review here ;)

Finally ending up with swatches and loads of pictures.

Oh yes…a giveaway is still running in my blog where you can win this pretty lipstick. To enter click here and good luck. 

See you in my next post
Love you
Sammy ! ;)


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